Marching forward

March first!! Yay!! New health insurance!

Also meant my first chiropractor's appointment, with Dr. Mike at Well Within. I have to admit, walking in, I was pretty nervous. I don't really do the whole doctor thing, and despite my having researched this to death, I still couldn't find a lot to prepare me for what I could actually expect at this appointment.

That being said, it went pretty well, from my point of view. Dr. Mike is really good about explaining what is going on, and even if chiropractic is a lot more "hands-on" than I'm accustomed to, I think I can get used to that. It's probably going to take some time. It might sound strange, but I've dealt mostly with "conventional" medicine, which does tend to be reasonably "hands-off." I can't count the number of doctor's appointments I've been through where I sat on one side of the room and the doctor stood on the other, and we never got any closer than that. Even in physio, they had a lot of devices, and heat packs, and so on.... but not a lot of actual physical manipulation. So this is a bit foreign. And we tend to fear what we don't know.

But it wasn't the scary experience my brain had built it up to be. And so back I go on Thursday.

My food diary initiative is going very well. I kept a food diary for the first year of my weight loss efforts, but had weaned myself off of it. It just seems with the added stress of my new job, I'm no longer able to mentally control what I'm eating or when I'm eating it. I'm also letting myself fall prey to outside influences more than I should. Saturday was clear evidence of that. It kind of sucked. Since then I've been much better. It's harder to tell yourself that chocolate bar isn't "that bad" when the numbers are staring you in the face.

Another session with Shawn tomorrow!


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