It's Friday!

You know what that means!!

Fun Facts Friday!
  • Carrots might help fight cancer. According to recent research, carrots contain nutrients known as polyacetylenes which have, in laboratory settings, been observed to have some pretty powerful anti-carcinogenic effects.
  • Turn that frown upside down - for your health! A recent study of first-year law students showed that there was a direct correlation between optimism and immune response. Of course, it's long been known that stress taxes the immune system, but here's another good reason to keep looking on the sunny side of life.
  • Up to one-third of all breast cancers are avoidable with better diets and more exercise, according to recent studies. Since breast cancers are fueled by estrogen, and estrogen is stored in fat cells, maintaining a healthy body weight and eating a diet rich in vegetables and low in fat lowers your risk of developing breast cancer.
Those were fun ones. I've been having a good time reading articles this week, and saving tidbits for fun facts Friday. I hope you all enjoy them as well.

I managed to strain my trapezius muscle this week (I think on Wednesday, though possibly Tuesday - or maybe a little of both), which meant my right shoulder has been bothering me off and on. I mentioned it during my chiropractic appointment yesterday, since that was an area of concern during my initial assessment.

Oh. My. Goodness. That gave a whole new meaning to no pain, no gain. I consider myself to have a fairly high pain tolerance, but when Dr. Mike started working the tension out of that muscle it was everything I could do not to cry. I pray there wasn't someone in the room next to me, because otherwise, there were going to be very scared. That being said, it does feel a whole bunch better. There's just a little bit of stiffness at the very outer ranges of motion.

My workout last night.... was abysmal. I was useless. I couldn't get lunges right (I kept losing count, for one), I couldn't find my stride when I was running, I couldn't even hold a freaking plank. Useless. Utterly useless. When I failed on the planks, I finally gave up and called it a night before I went and sat in a corner to cry. The only thing I managed to get right were the freaking knee grabs (which I've been working on, because the first time Shawn showed them to me, I sucked mightily). Hopefully tonight's session with Shawn goes a lot better.

I have a dog show this weekend, and *so* much to get done in the meantime. I need more hours in the day. Or a job with more time off. Something like that.


Anonymous said...

I love Fridays! It means it is the weekend :)

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Interesting blog!
Happy blogging too

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