One more day...

...till Friday!!

I love Fridays. Who doesn't really? Two whole days away from work, time to myself, a whole myriad of possibilities. Plus, Fridays mean another training session, which I'm looking forward to, and Saturday, which is usually my day off, which is a nice break.

Should also have my tax refund any old day at all, which means a new pair of sneakers!! I am so sad. I used to get this excited about, like, real clothes. Jewelry. A haircut. Girly stuff. Now I'm drooling over workout pants and sneakers and coveting other people's sneakers. Like the awesome black and magenta Nikes I saw some girl wearing last night. They were pretty.

This week has been reasonably busy with chiropractor's appointments and training sessions and so on. Yesterday's appointment with Dr. Mike was really quite good. He took a few minutes to just talk to me about my upcoming plans to attend law school, and education in general, and congratulated me on the scholarships I had been awarded, which was refreshing. The past week or so, with everything coming down on me, it's easy to lose sight of the good in your life, and it was a nice reminder. A good way to end the appointment and carry on with my day.

Another appointment today, and a light workout on my own. I've strained a hip flexor, I think, and possibly a muscle in my back, so I think I'll take it relatively easy tonight. I've sometimes thought just not exercising would help, to discover the exact opposite - when I tried working out again the pain lessened. But I'll still take it easy. Did get a new office chair, so I didn't have to resort to an exercise ball or yoga mat. :)


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