Happy Thursday!!

And post-St. Paddy's Day!!! Hope you are all recovering well!

My night didn't include any celebrations (I wore a green t-shirt to the gym - does that count?), so I'm not among the bleary-eyed today, though I was certainly with all you Irish or honorary-Irish in spirit.

Last night I only gave a brief update to let you all know how my fitness assessment went, so I wanted to sign in today and offer something closer to a real post. That, and I have the horrid, awful dentist appointment tomorrow, so I'm not sure if I'll be up to updating tomorrow.

First, I have to say how much I love my one coworker who gets all this. She was so there for me when I came in this morning and wanted to have my few minutes to brag about last night. I'm not even hiding that I was bragging. I feel good about it. I want my few minutes to brag. I want my few minutes from someone who knows how freaking hard this has been. And she does know, and has been congratulating me with every step. It helps.

Second, I have to say to anyone who is currently struggling through their own weight loss plan, and is finding it difficult or have plateau'd, I really can vouch for the value of a good personal trainer. Shawn has been absolutely invaluable. Not only does he have the expertise to design a program to help me reach my goals, he sees what I'm capable of and pushes me to reach those heights, not stop at the limits I want to place on myself. He is both someone to whom I'm accountable (and thus a motivator to keep pushing myself to improve when working on my own) and my support and encouragement when I don't feel like I'm capable of doing something. Honestly, I was a little doubtful of this at first; I can truly say I'm converted now.

Speaking of training, last night we were doing all sorts of fun new things, including working with more free weights. I've noticed this is getting to be an increased part of my program, so obviously it's important. I have to say, on my own, I'm a bit timid around the free weights. One, the area is always filled with guys who are incredibly fit, who obviously know what they're doing, and who are always using these massively heavy weights to do, like, one-armed bicep curls. Two, I don't like anything I have the potential to drop. I'm a klutz. I think Shawn recognizes this, because he does tend to hover somewhat close when we're using free weights. Not sure this is a good idea, really; at that point, if I drop it, I'm just going to drop it on him. Maybe that's the motivation not to drop it?

We were also doing those horrid body weight triceps press things again. I hate them. I really do. It's just like flashing back to grade nine gym class - which was not a good time for me - every time I have to do those things.But, I'm trying not to be so closed about them. I know they are good for me.

Shawn has also decided he's going to make me use more of the cardio machines - not hard since all I use is the treadmill - which means the last two sessions my cardio workout has been on the elliptical machine. This is a popular machine at the gym. I have no freaking idea why. It is the most unnatural movement I have ever tried to catch on to. And when you get it wrong, it's this horrid, teeth jarring moment. Have I mentioned that I like treadmills? Apparently (according to my brother) I don't run correctly, but it's okay. I like treadmills. Walking and running are normal activities for me. I've got them down. Had 20-odd years of practice.

Then again, thought I had breathing down too.

No more sessions for this week. Going to get a workout in tonight, taking tomorrow off for the horrid dentist appointment, and might try to get a cardio/core workout ahead of that. My brother was thinking on going into the city to buy some workout clothes this weekend; does it make me lame if I'm excited again?

Send me well-wishes on a painless experience tomorrow!


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