Ambition, you evil evil fiend...

Why, oh why, did you have to accompany me to the gym tonight?

In fact, why have you been hanging around so much lately at all? You've made me do foolish things like drive to West Jeddore (translated: middle of nowhere), or go for a run out in the cold air (my lungs burned for an hour), or decide to change the tires on my car single-handedly (well, almost).

Tonight, you made me decide that, gym goddess that I obviously am (scoff), I should clearly add another set of risers to my step in step class.

Now, I began step class six weeks ago. I attend once a week. When I started, I had no risers, just a step. Two weeks in, I got brave and added a riser. This is the same level the instructor works at, and the bulk of the class. Tonight, I felt I could do better. I could use two risers. After all, when Shawn has me using the step for cardio work, he has it on five risers. Yes, FIVE. Granted, I'm not moving nearly as fast, and not for an hour, but still. I can do two.

I think I might die.

Okay, no, but that was hard. And the ambitious little fairy that convinced me this was a good idea conveniently forgot that my dentist appointment this week has screwed up my training schedule, and so I have training sessions on Monday - as in tomorrow - and Wednesday - as in two days after Monday. I'm not dead yet, but I might be by Wednesday.

My back seemed better, till I fell out of one of the positions in yoga. Hopefully some ice and rest will mean it's better by tomorrow.

I need sleep now.


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