I'm sorry, my diet doesn't have a name....

I met up with a couple of people who hadn't seen me in a while this weekend, and of course, received the obligatory, "Oh my goodness, you look great!" compliments. I'll admit, I never get tired of hearing these. For someone who hated her appearance as long as I did, it's really, really nice to hear.

Then I got the second most-common phrase I've heard:

"What diet are you on?"

Sorry, what?

People seem flabbergasted when I can't name off the trendy, hyped-up, celebrity driven diet that's obviously fueling my weight loss. It's like I'm supposed to be carrying it around with me and can whip out a book at any interval which explains the "trick" or "secret weapon." I get met with blank stares all around with my answer. I should be cozied up in bed with Atkins, or relaxing somewhere with South Beach, or Eating Clean, or slaving away learning the key to the Low G.I. or calculating Weight Watcher points.

"None. I'm just eating healthy and exercising."

Cue the confused, slightly distrustful glances at each other..... now!

Sorry, guys. My diet doesn't have a name.


Maki Sov said...

Saw you on my thread thanks so much for checking me out.

You're hilarious and sarcastic! I love that. I think I'll follow you if ya don't mind. Diet just means " a prescribed selection of foods " so next time someone asks you can say "I eat what I eat, and that's all that I eat"

Usually my answer is "I eat anything and everything". It's a nice little 'f-u stop asking' and they get the point hahah. Or if I want to get them to laugh and never take me seriously again I say 'I eat a lot of candy, sweets, popcorn, fatty foods, and meat' which is all unhealthy and true. lol

Love the blog design, by the way!

Cassandra said...

I love discussing the lifestyle changes I've made (obviously - I wrote a blog on it) but the idea that one has to adopt some hyped up fad diet to succeed sickens me. I eat a balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables, and practice careful portion control. Carbs, fat, protein - they're all in there. I even have the occasional cookie.

Fad diets aren't sustainable and only give way to yo-yo dieting. If you can't see yourself doing it for the rest of your life - don't figure it'll work now.

Jzt 4 me... said...

Uhm..Feels so envious that others are able to shape themselves up to look great....I am not overweight but after my baby, I think my body is loving an extra tyre around the waist...and I am trying harddddd to reject the idea...But smhow, I could never bring myself up to continue exercise seriously...Seriousness only for the first 2 days and then again some excuse comes up from my inner heart...grrr...

Defenitely going to try, try and try till I succeed...

Btw, like you, I too am a complete dumbo on the DIETS...lol..all the diet I know is to sit empty stomach and starve to death...grrr..


Carolyn said...

You wrote on my thread earlier, obviously insulted that I had called people older than 18 ancient, which I never did infact, but more to the point I was feeling guilty that everyone took so much offense and so I looked over your blog and you're really really funny. It was a good, enjoyable, eloquent read and I'm sorry if I had offended you.

http://nicgau.blogspot.com/ or

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