Thank God Friday's Over?

It works for me, at least for this Friday.

So the horrid dentist appointment is past me now, and as far as I know, I don't have to endure another for another month.

Okay, it wasn't as bad as I thought. Well in some ways. It isn't as bad as I remember the dentist being when I was a kid. I can say that my dentist when I was a kid was just being freaking cranky when she used to tell me that the freezing didn't hurt when I would flinch, because you know what? It does too. I am not a kid anymore, and it still freaking hurts.

Things are very different than I recall. For one, I remember there being a much more specific plan for what was going to happen when one went to the dentist. Today seemed a little more... relaxed. Off-the-cuff. Of course, maybe that's because they had so much more to choose from, I'm not sure. But I've never had a dentist look at me and say "Okay, so what do we want to do today?"

I had to take a minute and stare blankly. 'Well, personally, I'd like to hide under the chair, but that does seem like it would be a little counter-productive.'

I didn't answer that, and I didn't hide under the chair. At the end of things, we filled the front teeth that have bothered me for so long, pulled a molar and one wisdom tooth.... and then things started going downhill. I had one premolar which had what seemed to be a very deep cavity that was bothering him, and he decided he wanted to fill it, after doing a bunch of checks to make sure there wasn't nerve involvement.

Turns out there didn't seem to be nerve involvement because the tooth was over half-dead. That means.... root canal. Yay!!

I didn't want to lose the tooth, because you can see it when I smile, so I gave the go-ahead for the root canal, cringing at how much it would cost. So he started the root canal, then couldn't figure out why he was having trouble with something and decided to get an x-ray.... and then I heard those words every person loves to hear.

"Oh... I'm going to have to send her to the specialist..."

Apparently my teeth are even weird. Isn't that awesome? I don't even want to think how expensive having a root canal done by a specialist is. Hopefully my work health coverage will have kicked in by then.

I decided I would head to the gym bright and early this morning and try to get a workout in before my appointment and work off some nervous energy. Since I was short on time, I decided on just cardio/core workout. Last time Shawn and I were discussing cardio workouts, he told me that I was short-changing myself on my interval training by only running for one minute (the original workout he had given me, which he had given to all of his clients); since then, I've been trying to workout a new program which is a little more of a challenge. The other day, I pushed myself and discovered I can run for four minutes straight on the treadmill, but I really can't work that into an interval session because I'm too exhausted by the end. Today I tried working at a 3-2 split for four intervals -- 3 minutes running, 2 minutes walking -- and I made it!! Okay, anyone standing around when I dropped back to a walk on the end of that last running interval likely thinks I'm a little mentally deficient, as I was grinning like an idiot, but I did it! When I started, it was a push to get that one minute run for four intervals, and today I made it for three minutes - twelve minutes total!! It was such a great feeling. Of course, then I wanted to die a little, but it was still a great feeling.

My mouth still feels very strange, and I'm a bit scared to pick at it much, and I'm feeling a little groggy from the painkillers I took when I got home, but hopefully tomorrow I'll be up to going in to get the weight session I missed today. Yay!


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