I'm back!

Did you miss me?

I skipped a whole day. I was sure you'd all be pining away by now.


Well, what's wrong with you? Don't you appreciate me?

I love having these little one-sided conversations. It's fun. Like talking to yourself, but without the strange looks.

I'm happy to report my mouth feels more or less normal, though the front teeth are a little sensitive, and I'm a little wary about brushing and flossing too enthusiastically. The left side is a little tender, but nothing major. Yay!

Decided to get the weight workout I missed Friday in yesterday morning, then realized workouts are not nearly so satisfying if you haven't sweated your butt off, so I did a bit of cardio at the end. After that, I took advantage of our gorgeous spring weather (19 degrees Celsius here) and accompanied my sister and her family, including my four year old nephew to the beach for the day. Not that we went swimming (still a bit cold for that), but we had fun picking up shells and "skipping" rocks. It's always gratifying to know your four year old nephew is better at skipping rocks than you are. No really, he is.

Today was my usual step class and yoga - thankfully, no falls in yoga, and I'm very happy to report I made it through all of step with two risers and was not absolutely utterly exhausted at the end. Tired, yes, but that is the goal. And I only slipped once. Maybe twice. I didn't fall, that's the important part.

My food diary has proved a source of frustration this week. Well, not the diary so much as what's in it. My new attempts to add stuff into my diet aren't going so well. I can't seem to balance them out with what's expected of me, calorie-wise. And, I fell behind a few days in getting my totals done, so I didn't realize any of it until this weekend. I keep falling drastically short of my target (approx 1500 calories per day) or exceeding it by about 150 calories. Neither is good. So, I kept a much tighter watch on my caloric intake today and managed to get myself to 1490-ish, which is good. Hopefully tomorrow will go equally as well. And hopefully the food cravings will go away soon. They're making me cranky.

Someone needs to invent calorie-free chocolate....


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