...two posts in one day. Is the sky falling?

I'm just not sure I'll get a post in tomorrow, so I wanted to quickly update tonight.

I love training sessions. I wish I could afford to meet with Shawn more often. I really do. Okay, wasn't thinking that through all of tonight's session, but I am right now.

It was hard. We did like, a billion cardio exercises (okay, possibly a few less, but it certainly felt like a billion), lots of core exercises, tons of arm and back strengthening stuff... yeah. And then he tells me to get on the bike and try the random setting for twenty minutes. (Actually, initially he had suggested I try running on the treadmill, but stupid me opened my big fat mouth and mentioned how much I disliked the bikes.... and thus, he had to show me the other kind of bike.... stupid, stupid me.) I didn't get through the whole bike thing. I still hate the bikes. I gave it a good go for five minutes, then gave up for the treadmill. I like treadmills. It was a good workout though. I was bouncing off the wall all day, and literally dragging my butt by the time I got done.

He also went through my food diary with a fine-toothed comb and commented on everything. Some of it good, some of it not so good. Some of it I already knew; i.e., there were a few days I wasn't eating enough. Protein is a major issue in my diet, so he recommended a whey protein powder which I can add to my breakfast smoothies. A lot of my dietary changes are going to be changing timing in when I eat certain foods, based on glycemic index as well as calories and fat level. Must find a website that lists the glycemic index for various foods. I did get an extra hundred calories a day, which is awesome.

Still a little bummed over the lack of support I receive outside the gym; tonight I got warned not to become a "snob." What does that mean? Having pride in myself? Having pride in what I've accomplished and wanting to show it off? Wanting to share my successes? I don't know really. And I think for now, it's best if I decide it's not worth caring about.


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