Happy Wednesday to you!

Life is so much easier to handle when the sun is shining!

I actually think the sun has been shining for the past four days, but I've not been able to see it past the clouds in my own heart. So it was a very good sign when I woke up this morning and was immediately charged to see the sun shining in my window. The only downside was that I had to go to work :( . It was one of those mornings when I would have rather been out with the dogs.

Had a GREAT session last night with Shawn. Like, as bad as Friday was, that was how good last night was. In retrospect, not as challenging as Friday, since there wasn't a large cardio component, and we had to modify a few of the core exercises because my back has been bothering me, but I still enjoyed myself.

I'm also learning a lot about myself doing this. Not all things I wanted to learn, necessarily, but interesting, nonetheless. I've learned that my response to things seems to be tailored to my exposure to them; that is, if it's brand new and fresh and I've never encountered it before, I'm game. If it reminds me of junior high gym class... yeah. I just need a few seconds to consciously remind myself that Shawn is not going to yell at me, is not going to belittle me, and that no one in the gym is even watching me, and thus they are not going to laugh at me if I can't do something or if I screw up. Shawn also seems to be getting into my head a lot faster than I expected him to, and without my having told him very much. Either that, or he tells all his clients the same things, and just got very lucky in my case. Hmmm. At least I know I picked a good trainer. When my tax refunds come in (first is due in this week yay!!!), I'm going to have to set aside some money to buy a few more training sessions. And a new pair of sneakers, at this rate.

I have two chiropractic appointments back-to-back this week, then all of next week off. Not sure if this is helping, but as I'd said, life might be conspiring against Dr. Mike's efforts in this regard. Hopefully as things quiet down, and there's a little less tension and stress in my day to day world, it'll start to improve. At the very least, it can't hurt, and whether it's the adjustments or just being in the care of someone who seems genuinely interested in my well-being, I do leave the appointments feeling better. My office set-up isn't helping my back any, but short of bringing an exercise ball and yoga mat in and dispensing with the crappy office chair altogether, I'm not sure what can be done about that.

That's that for now. Found an interesting if ludicrous article in the National Post yesterday that suggests exercise is useless in weight loss. Well, my own one month four pound drop would tend to disagree with them there (yay!) but besides that, the logical fallacies in this article are just ridiculous. I mean, it wasn't lack of exercise that led these people to become morbidly obese, so why should anyone believe exercise alone would remedy it? It's part and parcel with a recent push to have the Canadian government subsidize the cost of bariatric surgeries, which I find equally ridiculous (they aren't willing to subsidize my gym membership or personal trainer, but if I want surgery, they'll do that?) on the argument it's medically necessary. Newsflash: letting obese people eat less doesn't mean they won't eat the same crap. They just eat less of the same crap. The food still does the same damage. They aren't any healthier, just skinnier, or in my favourite phrase ever, "skinnier fat people." Not a solution. Why not subsidize liposuction while we're at it?


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