One down, two to go....

Oh my... I'm not dead, but I might wish I was...

How to spend a GREAT Sunday:

Get up at 7 am. Go to an incredibly, incredibly cold building. Freeze your butt off for five hours whilst showing dogs. Make sure by the time you leave you are COLD, exhausted, sore, COLD, stiff... did I mention COLD?

Get home, take a brief break, then get your things packed and go to the gym for a training session. Still be so cold that you have to wear a cover-up coat over your t-shirt. Be so tired you are actually a little worried about said training session.

Decide after training session that you should totally do step class. That's a good idea.

I am so tired. And I have another session tomorrow. Shawn has said we'll do upper-body, not legs (which is nice) since I did step tonight, but I don't know how I'm going to survive. I made it through step tonight, but it was hard. By the half-way mark, I was watching the clock and dragging - a lot.

The session actually went pretty well, considering that I was tired, and Shawn was a little under the weather so we were both a bit subdued. I did manage to aggravate my wrist doing pushups, which likely never would have happened had I not spent two days grooming dogs, and my back was a bit sore, from standing on cold, horrid dirt floors. But, I'm making a fair bit of progress in weight training, and in some aspects of core work, though in my last exercise of the night, fatigue finally got to me.

Hopefully a good night's sleep will make all the difference and I'll be able to face tomorrow's session as bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as usual.


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