Such a simple concept. And yet, I'm sure Shawn has to remind me at least a dozen times during any session, to breathe.

Tonight, he even had to explain how.

Why, yes, I do sometimes feel like an idiot.

Don't worry, this is all good-humoured self-deprecation. We were doing some horrid stairs exercise that I'm sure he pulled from the Salem Witch Trials, and after we finished, and I was standing gasping for air, he explained to me how if I take slow deep breaths in through my nose, and out through my mouth, I won't find myself so air-starved. Very nice of him to explain after the exercise. Something else to learn, anyway. Who would think I didn't know how to breathe?

It was a great session tonight. Very tiring, really pushed me, but a really good session. I think it helps that we're starting to develop a bit of a rapport and he's starting to get a feel for how hard he can push me. He also wants to start going over my food diary with me, which I'm actually looking forward to. Having someone else to be accountable to is an even bigger motivator to make me stick to a healthy diet and make me remember to stick to the inconvenient things like eating meals.

Another chiropractor's appointment this week, and another session with Shawn. Things are picking up again!


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