Jumping for joy is good exercise!

Isn't that clever? I didn't think of it myself; I'm a quotes junkie, and came across it, hoping to be able to use here someday.

And today is a good day to use it, because I am very joyful. I am ecstatic in fact. Although I try not to be too wedded to the numbers on the scale, knowing that this weight loss journey I'm on truly is a "process" and that those numbers are the most variable part of the whole process, I was thrilled to step on the scales yesterday and find out that, for the first time in over a decade, I am under 170 lbs. I almost cried, I was so excited. I celebrated a little with my co-worker (who graciously keeps the scale in her office for my use). I smiled all day and nearly burst trying to find a way to "casually" tell Shawn when I was at the gym. He was very happy too. Even my family mustered up some enthusiasm for me.

This is exciting. This means that I have less than twenty pounds to go. Twenty is an intimidating number. Less than twenty - not as intimidating. It also means I've lost seven pounds in a little over a month. I like those numbers, considering I wasn't watching what I was eating as closely at the beginning of this as I am now, and I wasn't doing as much cardio as I am now. I'm pumped.

Part of the whole weight loss journey is, of course, dealing with my changing body, and when Shawn announced during my fitness assessment that I had lost over two inches off my bust measurement (okay, they call it chest measurement, but I'm a female, who has done theatre, and thus costuming - we call it bust measurement), I realized, I need to be fitted for a new bra. Since I didn't think it would be entirely appropriate to ask Shawn to take the rest of the measurements ("listen, while you've got that tape out anyway...") I went home and tried measuring myself, and putting the numbers into one of those online calculators. Yeah, no dice. It was telling me I was a AA. Um, no. Never gonna happen. So, I decided I'd bite the bullet, and do something else completely new. I went to LaSenza to get properly fitted for a bra.

I have learned a few things from this:
1) Measurements don't mean crap. Sometimes you just have to try on a bunch of different sizes till you find one that works.
2) Always, ALWAYS, ask the salespeople for help. They know what they're doing. And get ready to get very up close and personal with them.
3) Losing weight makes a huge difference in how you perceive your body. I never would have been able to allow anyone into a dressing room with me while I was topless before now.

So, my current size is a 38B. It's likely a "transition size," meaning when the last twenty-ish pounds comes off, I'll have to be re-sized, but it fits for now. I'm flabbergasted. I have never been a B-cup. In December, I was a 40D. And I love the bra they sold me. It is so unbelievably comfortable. And if I had realized if was only $26 and not $36, I would have bought two.

Had a great workout last night. Did a lot of weight training on my own, and lots of core work, including holding a plank for two minutes (my last assessment had me at 1:36 - I want to be at 4:00 by the next one). I find the more I do, the more "body aware" I'm becoming - knowing my positions, mistakes I'm making, that sort of thing. It's very cool.

Chiropractic appointment today, workout tonight, and going to some clothing swap with my sister after to see if I can't find some stuff to wear. Yay! Clothes are good. Free clothes are better.

Oh, and would still love to hear your thought on my tattoo idea!


JC said...

What kind of tattoo are you thinking of getting?


leoj said...

Wow! Wish I hav ur determination.. Is it possible to lose 4 kilos in just 1 week? or u should work for it for months? Can u giv me sum pointers? :D

Cassandra said...

Four kilos would be nearly nine pounds - that's a pretty drastic weight loss for one week. You might manage to get it off, using some "shock" tactics, but it's not likely you could keep it off. You should expect, on average, to lose 1-2 pounds per week.

Tips I can offer:
1) Get professional help (no, not that kind). This should really be the #1 thing you do. If you're looking to lose weight, speak to your doctor, a nutritionist, a personal trainer, etc. These people have the knowledge to help tailor a plan specifically for you.
2)Keep a food diary, tracking esp. your caloric intake. This will help you evaluate any shortcomings in your diet.
3) Drink lots and lots of water.
4) Get active. Any level of activity will help you lose weight, but ideally any "fitness" plan tailored for weight loss should include both a cardio and weight-training component. Muscle at rest burns more calories than fat, so while you're burning fat, you should be aiming to build muscle mass.

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