I hate Monday...

So my good night's rest didn't get me anywhere... and my long weekend in the cold caught up with me.

Woke up this morning with a sore throat, and an achy back and neck, and an overall feeling of blechyness (I just invented that - it's great word, isn't it?). Have a hair appointment at 12:45, a chiropractor appointment at 4:00, and a training session at 5:00, and work all freaking day, and all I really want to do is go lie down somewhere and sleep. And I'm still cold. I may need to pick up another long-sleeved workout top before this afternoon, I'm that cold. I'm really hoping that Dr. Mike can do something about the achy back and neck, which I'm pretty sure is caused from being so tense in the cold all weekend.

Should probably cancel my training session for tonight, but I really don't want to - after all, I'm just a bit under the weather, not all out dead. I'm sure the workout will be good for me. And hopefully Shawn will take a little pity on me.


The Adviser said...

Hi. I saw your blog on "blog swap". What a wonderful way to follow you on your journey.

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