On my break....

I'm taking a bit of a break, and decided to sit down and write my daily post, or it wouldn't get written. I was at a dog show all day, in a very, very cold building, then got home to run to Dartmouth and pick up the computer I bought my mother, then run over to Halifax and do some shopping. Not much mind, but a little. So I'm very tired now.

A break from what? Well from something I've been meaning to do for some time, but been too chicken to actually get started on - I am cleaning out my closet and getting rid of all of the stuff which is too big for me. Which at this point is very nearly all of it. Some is being handed on to friends, some is being tossed, and some is being donated to charity. It's just all being taken out of my house.

I did go and get a new pair of jeans to replace some of the pants I'm tossing, and for the first time in my very long memory, I'm down to a size eleven from Reitmans. I am both stunned and thrilled.

My training session last night.... didn't happen. No, the world didn't end. There was a mix-up with scheduling and somehow Shaun ended up double-booked, so he offered to make it up to me with a free session for Sunday night. This could be fun; I'm now training Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday. And I usually do step on Sunday. I might be dead by Wednesday. Or very fit. One of the two. Even without our session, Shawn didn't want to leave me high and dry (I really did find a great trainer - and it was just luck of the draw), so he gave me a copy of the program he's designed for me, and told me to go through the legs exercises he's laid out. Oh my goodness. Maybe I should have warned him that I needed to be able to walk today. Five different weight machines, all with multiple pyramid sets, plus lunges with dumbbells, plus step-ups on that wonderful YMCA step. My butt still hurts.

Anyhow, I have to get back to purging. I've never had this little clothing.... I feel rather naked really. A friend is supposed to be giving me some hand-me-downs tomorrow, so hopefully that'll fill the emptiness a bit!


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