Twelve minutes!!

I did it again!

I tried my new interval training set again last night, working at a three minute run and two minute walk. There is a marked difference, I've realized, between working out first thing in the morning before I've spent all day at the office, and working out at night. Friday I had a touch more energy and was able to get through the whole thing without any real problems, always keeping my heartrate where I wanted it. Last night, on the last two intervals I had to give myself an extra thirty seconds to recover, and on each of the last two intervals, my heartrate got a little higher than I was aiming for. But, I still did the three minute run for each interval. The difference in energy levels is interesting though. I'd like to try fitting in a cardio workout before work a few times a week to see how it changes things (and to see if it might take the edge off the excess energy I have all day - if I don't soon do something, I'm going to get fired, or beaten).

Remember my talking about my fear of doctors? Well, I had a week off from chiropractic appointments, and as I was getting caught up on the week's events with Dr. Mike last night, I was telling him about my recent dentist visits and mentioned that I really wasn't very good about dentists (I didn't actually go into the whole doctor phobia thing). Coincidentally enough, he actually asked me where chiropractors rank on that list! Since I've now been seeing one for almost a month and don't have the whole "unknown" factor there, I thought should probably update my list a little. Chiropractors - pretty low on that list. Okay, first "real" appointment, with an adjustment planned, I was honestly a little freaked. That's the whole not knowing what to expect. Now, it's actually something to which I look forward. Most of my appointments are scheduled for the end of the day, and between the atmosphere of the office, Dr. Mike's personable nature, and the adjustments themselves, it creates a nice release for the stress of the work day. Last night, he was a few extra minutes getting to me, and I very nearly dozed off waiting. That would never have happened in a doctor's office, I assure you! (At the dentist's office, I spend any time left alone in a mental debate about why it would be a bad idea to run away - so far, someone has always come back before either side reaches a conclusion.)

Back to my regular schedule working with Shawn, which means I have a session tonight. Working with a trainer is great. You never really get a chance to cheat, because you never know when he might be watching (like Big Brother or something... what do you mean paranoid?) Last night, he so helpfully briefly interrupted me to tell me my position on the plank I was working on was wrong. I always do a couple of planks at the very end of my workouts, so I had already done my twenty minutes of cardio, and weight training, and quite a bit of core work by this point.... but I do know he was right. At the time, I thought my position was wrong. I was just tired and being a pansy. And that is why I hired a trainer. Of course, that mistake likely means I'm working on planks tonight. This is going to be fun.


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