A Quiet Week...

Most of my "wellness initiatives" have been put on hold while I wait for my health insurance to come into effect, to take some of the financial strain off, which made this a slightly quieter week than last week. All I've really had to do was go to the gym. Yay!

I'm becoming a bit of a gym rat, something I never saw myself being. I sit at work and watch the clock, waiting for 4:30 so I can take off and get over for a good workout, and then do feel a little morose when I realize I really should get going. It's become a stress reliever, and between work and trying to make plans to ship my German Pinscher to Regina this week, I've been under a fair amount of stress. Sometimes I wish I could go a few times a day. Or go to the gym instead of work.

Had my second personal training session tonight. It went better than I was expecting, given that I was exhausted and stressed. I had to be up at 4:30 this morning to get Xavier (my dog) to the airport, then spent all day worrying about him, and was fighting to meet an important deadline at work from a project that had been dropped on me at the very last minute. Got introduced to a few more weight machines, which was great. Also got a bit of a lecture on my crappy eating habits lately, which has been prompted a lot by stress. No excuse, I know. I think I'll start keeping a food diary again. I'm more accountable when I write stuff down. I should have done a cardio workout before I left, which I didn't, and I realized only after, but my brain was so exhausted it just couldn't function anymore. Oh well. I'll put in a good cardio workout tomorrow, and I've got step on Sunday.


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