Jumping in again

I've decided I will find some way to pay for personal training.

I don't know how yet. But I'll find a way. I have an appointment later this week to work something out with Shawn.

That was my big decision this weekend. After that, I had my appointment with Dr. Mike at Well Within on Monday to discuss the findings from the chiropractic assessment. Part of what had drawn me to chiropractic (especially over physio, which I have tried) was that it seemed a little more... scientific. I'm not a big fan of somebody poking me, nodding knowingly, and declaring that obviously I have a multitude of problems. I want to see quantitative results. Dr. Mike could show me quantitative results, using surface electromyography to determine areas of abnormal muscle tension and imbalance that could be caused by spinal subluxations. Confused? Okay, so I'm not going to claim to entirely understand it, but the logic behind what he was saying was sound, anyway, and convincing, and I do have a fair bit of background in both science and medicine, and can generally sort out bad science from good science. That, and, I already knew there were problems with my back.

I wasn't prepared for the sheer amount of visits he's suggesting it'll take to correct everything, but then, when I think about it, I was probably in physio just as often. The only difference is, physio only saw me through the acute portions of my injury, and then released me. He's talking about a longer, more maintenance-based model of care which is not only designed to correct, but also maintain good health, which is ultimately better. A bit daunting, especially when I look at the expense involved, but better in the long run.

But, I'm committed to this. Moreover, I believe in it. So, I agreed to it. I have to push back until March before we start, when my health insurance kicks in, but I'm willing to try. And, at least until money runs out, I'll try.

Here I go again...


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