Stepping it up

I'm all about impulsive lately.

Okay, not so much, but in the last week, I've gone from meandering down my path to wellness to briskly striding down it. Well, walking a little faster anyway. And today, I decided to pick up a gym membership to take with me.

Nubodys called and invited me to come in and look around, and since I've been considering a membership for while (just was lacking the funds to make it happen), I decided, why not. So, yesterday, I went in, met Amy, had a chance to chat with her for a few minutes and see the club, and decided to jump into the deep end. No think about it, no considering, just signed up on the spot. I'm generally a cheap person, so hopefully the $50-odd per month will be motivation enough to keep me going. That, and it's been really cold lately; my usual walking routine is much less enjoyable in -28 deg wind chill.

I really am a "jump in" sort of person, so I immediately signed up for a "fitness assessment" with one of the personal trainers (God help me) on Monday, and then tonight decided to go try out a step class. Now, step class requires energy, cardiovascular fitness, and coordination. I figured I wasn't too bad in any of those areas, so I'd be okay.

Shows what I know.

I had a blast. I kept moving. I didn't pass out. The instructor is a riot, and I loved every minute, but my God I'm going to be sore and tired tomorrow. And as soon as I walked out, I found a schedule and started looking for the next class.

I think I can get into this gym thing. Tomorrow is my fitness assessment, so we'll really find out then.


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