"Creating Wellness"

Tonight was my "wellness" assessment at Well Within Chiropractic. This is the first part of this promotional deal I was offered from the health fair, and as I've said, the wellness assessment part of this was less appealing to me than the chiropractic assessment. That being said, I make a point of never going into anything with a closed mind, so I was interested to see what it was all about. And it was an eye-opening experience, though I'm not sure in the way that Well Within intends it to be.

First things first, the woman I was working with (I'm really not sure what her title is), Celeste, has to be one of the nicest, most positive people I've ever met. You know the sort of person that you just meet and think, "I would feel better for spending more time around this person"? That's Celeste. She radiates positive energy. I want to learn how to do that.

Second, the eye-opening part. I have some issues I really need to work on. Not so much in terms of my wellness; I already know that, and obviously knew that coming into this. No, I mean some more deep-seated issues that maybe had never really thought about. One of the first elements of this "wellness assessment" was, of course, basic weight and measurements.

I don't own a scale. I can't have one. Something about those numbers just completely monopolizes my mind and my thinking and I end up beating myself up over what that scale says. But I've never really considered it that much of an issue. I know I've lost weight (a lot of weight), I tell people I'm proud of it.... and yet when Celeste asked me to step on that scale tonight, I had to take a moment, because I thought I was going to cry. I actually could not look at the numbers. The stress pulled my heart rate and blood pressure into much higher than normal (for me) ranges. It actually surprised me how upset I was. This is something I need to work on.

For the most part, though, the assessment was pretty straightforward. For any of you considering it, might I suggest if you're planning to attend after work, wear pants that day. Some of those exercises aren't quite so ladylike in a skirt. I won't receive my report until next week, so I won't know how "well" I am until then. Let's hope I'm not so unwell I drop dead in the meantime (I'm sure there'd be warning signs if that was the case). I'll let you all know when I find out.


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