Five words I never thought I'd say

I have a personal trainer!

Okay, well, technically, I'm writing them. But I talk to myself as I write, so I did just say them as I typed them out. But I digress (get used to it).

I have a personal trainer.

I was actually supposed to meet with Shawn yesterday to sort out all the details, but ended up storm-stayed, so I rescheduled for this afternoon. Which was just as well, because as it turned out, I wouldn't have been able to afford the downpayment yesterday.

Have I mentioned how expensive the path to wellness is? I keep reminding myself it's an investment. Let's hope my bill collectors agree, because a couple of them may not get paid this month.

But, everything is all set up now, and I have a personal trainer, with my first two sessions set for next Monday and Friday. I'm just realizing thirty minutes was hard - I have no idea how I'm going to survive a full hour. Well, hopefully Shawn realizes if he kills me, he'll be down one client.


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