You can learn anything on the Internet....


I just found this on Google.

How to fake your own death.

Step-by-step instructions.

Why, yes, work is a little stressful right now. How could you tell?

I don't like stress. I don't like new, unfamiliar situations. I hate being wrong-footed. And I don't like doing things in a rush. I'm doing all of that this week. And spending my life on the phone. I hate telephones. I was a telemarketer for like, two days, and I think it scarred me for life.

Note: I have discovered I love texting since I got my new cellphone. It has a slider keyboard. It's awesome.

Yesterday, I decided by 2 or so that I was tired, my head was pounding, and I'd had enough, so I left. Went home sick. Okay, went to the gym, but same difference. Shawn designed a new leg workout for me, because I found his previous one a bit easy... piece of advice: never tell your trainer something is too easy. This is a challenge. Suffice it to say, the new program is not easy. It is, however, all sorts of fun. There are lots of new things that I kind of suck at, but in a way that I really have to laugh at myself.

I also did a little bit of shopping. I love the Bulk Barn. Natural Peanut Butter is a whole bunch cheaper there than in a grocery store, plus I found this delicious new snack called apple butter. I might be in love. I also picked myself up some granola, as a pre-workout snack (with some yogurt and a banana), and some almonds, as a post-workout snack. Shawn had actually suggested the almonds. I forgot how much I like almonds. I've been trying to get away from heavily processed foods, into more "whole foods" - so all my meals are made from scratch, and now I'm trying to do the same with snacks. I bought a ton of food, plus budgie food, and it only cost me $12. I was very impressed.

Since my "sick day" meant I got home early, I also decided to make some buttercup squash and apple again for supper. This is without a doubt my favourite dish. It is absolutely delicious.

Have a training session tonight, with our new focus on losing weight rather than building muscle - I think I really need the chance to unwind with a good, hard, tiring workout. I'm a little nervous to see what Shawn has in store, and at the same time excited. Those last ten pounds are always the worst... and that's where I am now! Ten pounds away! Wow... the reality of that only just set in...

Now, to just keep work from sabotaging me... maybe Google has the answer to that too...

If not, there's always that first link...


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