To cheat or not to cheat....


80/20 rule...

Falling off the wagon...

I've been trying to think about my eating habits and my relationship with food, especially as I spend more and more time on the road and find myself in situations that are especially tempting for me. And I've discovered I'm not sure how I feel about those few times I falter.

I've always called it cheating. And yet, I always tell myself that for anything to be successful, it has to be sustainable. And treats are part of a regular diet. So should I feel like I'm cheating when I have a dessert or a glass of wine?

Then there's the 80/20 rule. The idea that you don't need to be good 100% of the time. Aim for 80%. But my mentality tends to like the all-or-nothing approach, and so I struggle with the idea that I can screw up one day in every five.

So, how do I create a relationship with food that is healthy, non-punitive, and non-udgmental?

Does anyone else struggle with this?


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