As promised....


Okay, these are just a few - I'll add some every post or the next couple of weeks just to keep things lively, but I promised you a few, and so here they are!

The beautiful lighthouse at Cape Forchu, near Yarmouth. I highly recommend visiting here.


I think part of Digby's scallop fleet


The stunning landscape at Prim Point - not really a "touristy" spot, but the visitor information clerk suggested I go out and it was well worth the trip.


Mahone Bay's famous "Three Churches"


I took close to 400 photos, so expect lots more to come!

And now it's late and I must sleep!


baygirl32 said...

I love the light house picture! They remind me of home (only 6 more weeks). The catamaram looks like look a Newfoundland boat husband inspected...

more picture please, I can almost taste the salt looking at these

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