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It's probably a rule of blogdom that you shouldn't recommend to people that they go to other people's blogs, but I'm going to anyway.

I've recently discovered Jack Sh*t's hilarious blog, and today, he dug up a golden oldie to share that I really want to pass along: A Heart-to-Art Talk

Go read this. It really struck a chord with me because I've been on both sides of this. I've been the person who thought she just couldn't lose weight, and now, I'm the one who is constantly dealing with friends who tell me it must be nice to "have it so easy." It isn't easy. It's hard. And I don't buy the "I'm just not meant to lose weight." I really believe our bodies want to be in good shape - we just prevent them from being in that shape. I remember one friend telling me she just wasn't able to lose weight - on one trip to her apartment, I saw two huge bags of Mini Eggs sitting on the counter. Um, I think I can figure out the root of your issues.

I also encountered another pet peeve today. When did people decide it was okay to comment on my weight because I started losing it? Seriously, when I was unhealthily overweight, no one said anything to me. Now that I'm finally achieving a weight where I'm finally feeling healthy and confident, it seems like at least once a week someone tells me how I'm "wasting away" or "shrinking to nothing." Today, someone actually told me I needed to stop because I was just going to end up looking sick.

I have a professional helping me so that I have an unbiased, honest opinion to help me along, and I trust that opinion. Shawn's opinion is that my ideal weight is about ten pounds lighter than I am now. My own feeling is that I still need to lose more. I'm not 100% happy where I am now. And ultimately, my weight is my own business. I shouldn't have to justify it to anyone.

It's a gorgeous sunny Saturday - going to be very, very hard to convince myself to go put in my gym workout like I had planned. But, I donned one of my pretty new sundresses, so maybe just being able to show it off should be temptation enough. And I think I might finally go invest in a pair of workout capris!

Have a great day everyone! And go read Jack Sh*t!


baygirl32 said...

I'm with you on the peeve! I noticed the same thing (it would have been nice for someone to point out to me just how sick I was)

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