Taking my journey on the road...

I'm leaving this morning for my horrid month of traveling for work, and would be lying if I said I wasn't a little stressed about it. Okay, incredibly stressed about it. It's so much harder to control what I eat on the road, so much harder to be active, and just so difficult to maintain the consistent habits I've built up over the last few months. Plus, there's the added stress that I'm giving presentations every single night and all I want right now is to find a bar and bury my nerves in a glass of wine (and yes I realize it's 9 am where I am).

I was so looking forward to one last training session with Shawn before I had to hit the road, but it didn't seem to be in the cards. He called yesterday sounding absolutely horrible and asked if we could reschedule, which was of course fine with me. One, he really sounded horrible and two, whatever he has I don't want it. Plus, I had a bit of a cold last week, so I might have given it to him. Again. I'm just not confessing this time. I did get my own workout in, and I went to step class, so that was good. After three weeks off from step class though, man, was I rusty.

Came into work to gather my stuff - now just need to run through my checklist and make sure I have it all, pick up dog food, drop dog food at home and pack my food, and then be on my merry way. And water. I need to pick up water. I drink so much water on the road now. I also need to find a pen. I think I've lost every pen I ever owned. Maybe I should try HERE. (Sorry - it makes me giggle).

Taking my camera along with me, and will hopefully have a few pictures of myself to post when I get back. And I plan to wear my pretty new sundresses as much as the weather allows. At the very least, I'll have pictures of the South Shore to post...

Anyway, getting very close to leaving time for me, so I'll sign off now. Will probably post an update tonight, if I don't say screw it and hit the hotel bar. Four and a half hours in a car might warrant one glass of wine.

Happy Monday everyone!


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