More post-its & finally some fun facts

More Dr. Seuss. I do love Dr. Seuss. I'm considering buying some of his books for my incredibly long time on the road next week. Maybe even downloading the audiobooks?

Just had a random though. Patrick Stewart reading Dr. Seuss. Come on, imagine it with me... how awesome would that be?

Sometimes karma bites us in the butt. I decide to go for a sneaky little run on Wednesday night, and Shawn decides he's going to kill my legs during our session last night. Wow. I officially hate the word "squat." On the upside, I'm apparently improving rapidly. I always feel so good about myself after one of my sessions. I even put in forty whole minutes on the elliptical, which, by the way, burned 500 calories. And I had a pretty good day eating-wise, which has been tough with all the extra stress I've been under.

Blech. Stress. I do hate stress. I think on every health questionnaire I've ever completed, I always write "handle stress better" as one of my goals. The problem is, unlike improving my cardiovascular health or my diet, I have no idea how to do that. And it's such a horribly damaging factor in my life. It plays havoc with all the healthy habits I'm trying to establish, it takes a horrid toll on me physically, and just rips me apart mentally. Blech. Maybe I need to add a therapist to my list of health professionals?

I found a lovely deal on this classifieds site for a bunch of new or practically new clothes in my size - mostly dresses and skirts - for super cheap, so I'm taking tonight off from the gym and heading out there. I'll hit the gym both Saturday and Sunday instead. Hoping maybe a weekend gym habit will curb some of the bad weekend eating habits I've picked up. I also have an agility show this weekend, which should be fun. We haven't even had a practice yet, so the dogs are probably going to be a little wingnutty.

Anyhow, it's finally a Friday when I'm posting, so here are your requisite Fun Facts!!

  • I don't watch a lot of TV, but I find myself fighting the munchies every time I do. Are you the same? Try this trick: hit the mute button every time a commercial comes on. Studies have shown that children who watch commercial-heavy television tend to be heavier than those who watch the same amount of television, but with less commercials. Or, hit the power button and go for a walk.

  • Pepper it up! Apparently lab tests have shown that piperine, present in lack and white pepper, can prevent cancer cells from growing and dividing. Given my affinity for the stuff since I went low-sodium, I'm never getting cancer.

  • Sitting is hard on the body. Physiologically, scientists are learning that siting for extended periods of time create a considerable strain on the body and cause a wide number of problems - from increased blood sugar to decreased good cholesterol. For those of us desk-bound, there's an easy fix though - just get up and move around regularly. So, don't combine all those tasks that require being away from your desk - spread them out!
Have a happy Friday and a great weekend everyone! Hoping to get some awesome shots of the show tomorrow!


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