Setting goals

I missed Fun Facts Friday again.... but to make up for it, I decided to run to PEI and post from there just to give you all a change of scenery!

Okay, no I have another dog show, but I like making you think I would go to PEI just for you.

My sister decided to come with me to PEI, which has made for a very fun trip. We don't get many weekends away, and after a long week alone on the road, it's nice to have the company. We both splurged tonight and went out to this amazing little restaurant that I absolutely adore on the farthest tip of PEI, in North Cape, called Wind and Reef. It's a fairly high-class restaurant, with high-end food, that I discovered about five years ago. In five years, this is my third time going there. It was a complete splurge. Even if the meal I had wasn't terribly high in calories, it was incredibly high in sodium. But it was worth every bite.

I had a training session with Shawn yesterday as well, which was.... interesting. I'm coming to realize how much I regard Shawn as a friend and sounding board, particularly with regards to work. He understands the stress and strain I'm under, and sympathizes, and at the same time, offers sound advice for helping me mentally deal with it - as in what I can actually do. And he gets how working out acts as a release from all the stress I'm under. I think it's an aspect of our working relationship I'll really miss.

Shawn also asked me to consider setting myself a goal to run a 5K in August. Unfortunately, the race he had picked for me isn't actually holding a 5K this year.

So, he suggested I try training for the 10K instead.

Wow. That seems like a lot. It's twice my current mileage. It's the same amount he currently runs. I can't even imagine running that far. And yet... it sounds like an amazing time. I just want the experience. And I want to go to law school saying I just met that goal....

I'm going to have to think on it.

Anyway, it's rather late, so I must be signing off. Another show tomorrow - hoping not to get as roasted as I did today.

Happy Saturday all!


Laura Kay said...

Go for it. I wish I could have the endurance to run for a long period time. I play rugby but I would love to be able to run and run and keep on running.

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