Gotta love long weekends!

All hail the generic day off!

This is actually a holiday for the group I work for; however, as I don't belong to the ethnic/cultural group, it's just a free day off for me. And one I plan to relish.

Got back from my lovely trip to the Island last night *very* tired and *very* sunburnt. And I wore sunscreen all weekend. I think it acted like marinade. I have a training session today, and I'm looking forward to it, because I'm feeling fat. I think I ate too much salt this weekend. That, and a certain monthly visitor has rejoined me. Blech.

I've also decided I am definitely going to try training for the Cobequid Trail 10K. It's being held August 29, which gives me more or less 10 weeks to prepare. I'm not aiming to be fast, or good, just to finish. And to run the whole 10K. I had planned to take the money I'm making from all of my traveling and put it toward a heart rate monitor and a bike; well, I've decided I'll invest in a pair of properly fitted, professionally consulted running sneakers instead. After all, I've already had one injury; I'll take measures to ensure I don't end up with another. I did say I wanted to build up to running more often. And I found a great training plan online if Shawn doesn't have one I can use. It's an ambitious goal, but a good one I think. And one to keep me motivated for the rest of the summer, and hopefully, move me into a new hobby that will keep me motivated on this path for a very long time.

I'm also planting an herb garden. I like herbs. I really like fresh herbs. I think this will be a fun little project. So I'm going out today, on my day off, to find some fresh herbs to plant in my garden.

Big exciting Monday planned before I head out again for work - more blech. Hopefully it doesn't go by too quickly.

Have a great day everyone!


Laura Kay said...

good luck with the run! I have a small herb garden. I am growing cilantro, lemon basil, parsley.

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