Making a list...

I am so incredibly pumped about running a 10K. I've spent my morning looking for every article I can find on training plans, and I am just so excited. I have no idea what I'm doing,and I might have lost my mind, but I'm excited.

Of course, when I get excited about something new, I want to shop (I actually just find any excuse to shop - I like shopping, really). I've already said I'm buying a new pair of sneakers. For one, the pair I have is nearly three months old, and I wear them a lot, so I suspect they might be wearing out. And I want a good, solid pair of running sneakers that are ideal for my foot and stride. I also want a comfortable, cool pair of capris to run in - I don't like shorts, but I think capris would work well. And I have a t-shirt which is my favourite right now, but I'm considering finding a racerback tank top instead. And I need a hat or visor of some sort. I have a nice pair of sunglasses, so I'm covered there.

I also want to find some underwear that doesn't climb up my butt while I run.

Sorry, was that TMI? Because it's a really big pet peeve of mine. There's just no way to discreetly haul your underwear from its crevasse whilst running, and so I'd rather not be doing it while running with spectators. Cassandra (not me, though we have the same name) over at Yum Yucky is suggesting the Gap Low Rise Cotton Stretch Hipsters, so I might have to give them a try. I've gotten other suggestions to avoid the wedgie situation, but they're not gonna work for me so much. After all... what if I get hit by a bus?

I'm also thinking of getting one of those armband holders for my MP3 player. Just because they're awesome. Though, to be realistic, on race day, I can just put it in my running belt. So maybe not.

It's a good little shopping list, isn't it? I should be making my list of what to take with me when I go back on the road today, instead. I did pack my resistance bands this time.

Had another great workout with Shawn yesterday. We're down to the last 15 sessions - essentially, the last third of our time together. I will admit I get a little anxious when I think about not working with him anymore. He's a great motivator, and a way to keep myself accountable. But, I think this new running thing will do that as well. What I'll really miss is his ability to impact my overall well-being. Shawn has a tendency to see the world with a certain clarity most people lack, and speaks frankly about how he sees things (So much so that yesterday when he said "I really think you should consider meditation or yoga..." I thought he was actually going to replace "meditation/yoga" with "therapy".... not that he'd have been wrong in either case). It's refreshing, and so similar to my own way of handling the world that it ends up being a real mental break. That's one of the reasons I end up looking forward to our sessions so much.

I'm back on the road this week. It's the last of the marathon travelling, though I still have a lot of meetings left to cover. Found an interesting article on how work can make you fat - I can understand how. Sometimes it would be so easy to say screw it and just hit the nearest restaurant or drown my loneliness in some decadent treat. But, I'm not going to. And this week, I'm even more committed to not giving in to temptations. I can do this.

Plus, from now on, if I feel myself slipping, I'll just picture that run.

Happy Tuesday everyone!


dolphyngyrl said...

Hi Cassandra! I'm a new reader and I wanted to check in and let you know:

1. I got one of those armband things and I just didn't like it as much as I thought I would. When I run, I just tuck my iPod into my bra strap. Tacky, but it works for me!

2. If you get a pair of capris made for sports, you actually don't need to wear underwear with them. They're made to be worn without. And look at it this way: if you get hit by a bus, that's just one less layer for the EMTs to cut through. ;-)

Good luck on your training!

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