Dreary Days in Digby

I wish I had my own computer instead of my work computer so I could post pictures of everywhere I've been. Not that I always remember to take pictures (brilliant photographer I am).

I am in Digby today, and it is very drizzly and dreary. Really hoping it clears a little, but the weatherman isn't promising anything.

I did get in a great 6km run this morning around Digby - literally, around Digby. I went around the perimeter of the town, with a slight detour to add some mileage. Digby has some real ass-kicking hills I have to say. One had to be a full mile long, steady steep climb. I dropped to a walk for part of that. Besides that, though, it was a great run. Feeling very wiped right now though. I may have to talk to Shawn about how one is supposed to eat when training like this. I still want to lose weight, but at the same time, I want to be able to run without killing myself. And I'm finding myself famished after my runs. That might be normal, but I don't want to either starve myself or overeat.

I had a great time in Kentville yesterday too. One, I found the outfit I am going to wear for my 10K. An awesome pair of running capris and a bright blue UnderArmour racerback tank. Okay, it cost me almost $100, but what's the use of doing all these meetings and all this travel if I can't use it to spoil myself? Tried the top out this morning and, oh my goodness, it is great to run in. The difference having my arms free is just phenomenal. Plus, it has a built in bra, so it's like wearing two sportsbras. Double the support! The only thing I hate worse than exercise wedgies is bouncy boobs.

Oh, and something I've learned: no matter how cool I think it is, don't bother wearing a cover when I run. Tying it around my waist just pisses me off, and I will warm up.

Another thing I learned. The Farmers' Market in Kentville rocks. Like, really rocks. They have three different vendors who sell WINE. Yes, actual wine. At a Farmer's Market. I had to buy a bottle. I don't drink wine that often, so not sure when I'll have time to drink it, but I bought it anyway. So if you find yourself in Kentville Wednesday mornings, go to the Farmer's Market.

Off to Liverpool today. No run tomorrow since I have a training session with Shawn, and I think I'll do some cross-training on the elliptical or the rowing machine. I'm going to miss my morning run.

Have to start getting packed up and ready to go though! Happy Thursday everyone!


baygirl32 said...

Well you can always post the pictures when you get back. I think all farmer's amrkets should sell wine :)

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