Hello? Mind? Where are you?

I've taken great measures to improve my body and my fitness.

I think somewhere along the way I might have lost my mind.

My old car is on its last leg; it left me stranded on the highway and cost $140 to tow home. I have one rule for cars: don't leave me stranded. Since car broke said cardinal rule, and since come fall I will be returning to school, I decided to was time t begin looking for something newer and more reliable.

I was looking for something in the 2001-2004 range, a smallish sedan, no more than $3500 since I'm forced to finance this car rather than buy outright.

So why am I currently waiting to hear on whether or not I can get financing for the $11,000 2008 PT Cruiser I agreed to buy this afternoon?

I've lost my mind.

I'm convinced I won't get financing.

I'm not going to get a car that nice. I mean, the bloody thing is fully loaded. It's like a luxury vehicle. This isn't going to happen.

But I really, *really* hope it does.

Had a kick-ass workout with Shawn this morning. We had the studio again, which I love, because I just feel like I get a chance to really relax and be myself - and it seems like Shawn does, too. At the same time, it ends up being a really quick, fast-paced workout because we aren't looking for equipment, or trying to find free space, or anything else that slows us down. I had intended to do about a 4 km after my workout, but with the way we hit my legs - no, that wasn't happening.

Being in the studio also means a solid hour of seeing myself in a mirror; that's... tough, sometimes. I'm really self-critical, especially about my appearance, and today I was wearing one of my most out-of-comfort-zone tops, my new blue racerback tank. But you know what? I actually looked pretty good (it helped my confidence that Shawn commented that I looked good in it). I'm actually noticing more and more than I like the way I look - that's a really good feeling.

Anyhow, it's late. I should probably hit the hay, or attempt to find my mind. I'm still not sure where it went.

Happy Tuesday night everyone!


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