Bad blogger.... bad, bad blogger....

I know, I know... I am such a bad blogger to leave you all for so long without an update after training you to come check daily. And I missed another Fun Facts Friday.

Bear with me, okay? The next little while is going to be tough. If I don't lose my mind, it'll be nothing short of a miracle.

Had my meeting down in Liverpool on Friday. What a tremendous waste of time. Unless of course the goal was to see how much they could frustrate me. That they did. That they did well.

I did have one... interesting moment very linked to my blog and my goals here. The group as a whole decided to go out to lunch. Now, I know there was likely some good, healthy choices, but given that most of the women on this committee vaguely resemble one of my exercise balls, they weren't interested in those. No, they picked this place that, just listening to them talk about the menu, I knew was going to be a diet disaster. Honestly, I didn't want to eat like that. I could have used a lot of excuses to justify going along, but I just had no desire to. I wanted the healthy chicken salad sandwich I had packed. So, I declined. But I told them it was because I had food sensitivities and I don't eat at restaurants.

That's not true. I eat at restaurants. There's this wonderful little cafe in Mahone Bay I absolutely love, with real food that's made fresh... seriously, I'm in love. I just wasn't about to eat at that restaurant.

But I think it probably would have been perceived as a slight to tell them that restaurant didn't fit into my diet. Should it be, I wonder? A diet is a choice; a food sensitivity is not. Even saying it doesn't fit into my diet, is that implying I think my diet is better than theirs?

Ultimately, I still said no, and had my chicken sandwich instead. And stopped at this Farmer's Market in Bridgewater and picked up fresh, local strawberries (yummmm) and a wonderful, locally baked raisin bread "braid" - a real treat, for me, as I don't allow myself pastry that often. And though the raisin bread was definitely a splurge, I was much happier with my meal.

They say one of the signs of disordered eating is that you find yourself distanced from family and friends when it comes to food. Admittedly, I do. My family has no desire to eat like I do, so I prepare my own meals, separately, and usually eat them separately. My friends... most of their eating habits make me cringe a little. But if I were to eat the way they do just because I didn't want to seem distant... well, then I'm still not maintaining a healthy relationship with food, am I?

Either way, I had a training session with Shawn Friday night, and I know the heavy, deep-fried foods they were going out for would not have sat well through the incredibly intense legs workout he put me through. He's doing a lot of evaluation-type work to see exactly where I am on various strength tests - turns out my ten-rep range on the leg press is up to 200 lbs! I started at a measly 90 lbs. He's also picking a lot on things like my form while doing lunges. I know it's good for me, and important, but I do have to remind myself as he corrects practically every step, not to get frustrated. I'm really liking these new workouts - I leave them feeling a lot more worn out than I had been of late.

Had a dog show this weekend (they are so hard on my diet) and decided today to run through my whole plyometrics routine to really test out my ankle. I did try some running last week, but paranoia won out - I thought it might be getting sore so I stopped. But, a whole night of jumping, stepping, and hopping, and nothing. I think I'm fine. I'll ask Shawn about it again tomorrow, but I really think I can go back to running now. I hope so. Even if my body doesn't necessarily need it, my mind definitely does.

Anyhow, going to try to stay on top of posting this week - cross your fingers and hope for the best!

Happy Monday everyone!


baygirl32 said...

Happy monday! er Tuesday... glad you are back.

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