Corporate responsibility

I'm tired of businesses encouraging me to be unhealthy.

I'm tired of being inundated with advertising for horridly unhealthy food and promotions that encourage me to make even worse choices.

Empire Theatres is currently running a contest where you can win a trip anywhere in the world, but only if you buy a regular or large popcorn or fountain drink. Fountain drinks are filled with high-fructose corn syrup, and that popcorn has a day's worth of sodium, and a meal and a half worth of calories.

Wendy's - this one really irks me. You can have to opportunity to win $8000 to share with your friends - but only if you come order their foods after 8 pm. I admit, Wendy's used to be one of my weaknesses. I've been there at 10 pm. But that was the old me. The new me understands that is not healthy.

I don't think everyone should cut out all treats all the time. I think there's a time and place for that food. But I don't agree with this idea that we hould be able to dangle CASH INCENTIVES in front of people for making bad food choices.

Where are the incentives for getting healthy? Where are the rewards being offered for starting a fitness program? How about some kudos for achieving and maintaining a healthy BMI? Or lowering cholesterol?

I was recently at a hotel, and after eating breakfast in their restaurant, I commented on the response card that I would have preferred to see a lighter meal option than the three-egg omelette I had ultimately chosen (and eaten half of). There's no reason all restaurants can't offer real food, in real portion sizes, and offer incentives to people to pick those options (and not these fake salads that have bajillions of calories and sodium). I make twenty-one meals every week that are healthy, reasonably portioned, and *good*. Surely places like Wendy's, with all their resources, can do the same.

(And please don't mention Subway to me. I don't care if you like it, Subway is McDonalds with better marketing. The sodium and sugar in their sandwiches is so much higher than anything you can make at home. And I won't even get started on the fact that they still think a meal consists of fountain pop and cookies).

Don't get me wrong. I think being healthy is ultimately a personal choice and a personal responsibility. But I also think that just as corporations have a responsibility to protect the environment and show fiscal responsibility - they need to stand up and take responsibility for the role they are playing in the overall health of the nation. We don't allow tobacco companies to offer huge monetary incentives for purchasing their products, and yet obesity is currently a greater risk to the nation's health that smoking. So why are fast food companies and the like allowed to do it?

That's my rant for today.

I'm in Kentville today, heading for Digby before too long. Went out for a great 3 mile run this morning. Kentville doesn't have any routes like Yarmouth, but I wove through their industrial park, and got to wave to all the guys going to work at 7 am. I admit, it's an ego boost every time one of those guys takes a second look as I'm stretching out a tight hamstring or gives a little wider than normal grin as I run past (and the reason I make sure I look good when I'm out running). I have a full 5k/3.1 mile mapped out tomorrow for Digby, but I'm not sure if I'll do it, or take a day off. Well, by day off, I mean do some cross training. I don't have a gym, so it might be hard to do anything besides run for a cardio workout. Maybe I'll pick up a skipping rope during my travels today.

Must get going now. I put in a core workout before bed last night, so I have workout crap spread all over my hotel room to get gathered up. Two more meetings this week!

Happy Hump Day everyone!

Edit: Oh, just wanted to add this: go check out Jack Sh*t's most recent post. It's good. We all need to read it and remember it.


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