I keep forgetting to put titles on my posts....

This is on the way to Cape Forchu in Yarmouth. Apparently people in Yarmouth are accustomed to drivers randomly slapping on their turn signals and pulling off the road suddenly, because that's what I did when I was driving along and saw this gorgeous seascape, and the people behind me didn't curse, or blow their horn, or flip me off, or anything. I might vacation in Yarmouth more often.

There's also a sign very near this scene that say "Welcome to Cape Forchu: Please drive slowly. We love our children." I desperately wanted a photo of it but there was nowhere to stop the car or stand and get a photo. That made me sad.

I am so incredibly disgusted with my car right now. Turns out they suspect the reason it overheated and left me stranded was because the head gasket is shot. For all you non-car people, that's not something you want to hear. It was not something I wanted to hear. So, I'm now looking at replacing my car. Not something I wanted to be doing. *sigh*

Yesterday was technically a "day off" from the gym, though I had agility practice, so I still got some activity in. I used to think agility was a workout. Now it was a nice little relaxing jaunt. I barely even got winded, and I'm pretty sure I never broke a sweat. Hmmm. Well, at least it really can count as a rest day.

Not having a working car is throwing a wrench into things, since I'm stuck borrowing my mother's car. She isn't exactly the most supportive about my whole gym habit, and, to be fair, it is her car so she doesn't see the gym as essential travel. For me, it is essential. Not only because losing weight is important, but because the exercise helps keep me mentally on a little more even keel.

Thinking hard about getting a part-time job this summer - something just for weekends. Just would like to supplement my income a little. Especially if I'm going to be getting a new car. Because I'm now within very close shooting distance of my weight loss goal, and I still want to be able to afford my tattoo when I get there.

I also want some new photos of myself. Like, just me. I know that probably sounds vain and shallow, but I actuall am starting to like the way I look. I'd like to show it off a little.

Anyhow, have a buttload of work waiting for me, so I must get onto it. Happy Monday everyone!


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