It's like my own personal crack...

I made a plan.

I waited with anticipation all day.

I rushed through my chores at home so I could get out.

I knew I really shouldn't. I knew I should probably ask... but asking would likely mean being told no, and I didn't want to hear no.

There was nothing in the world like those first few steps.

Yes, I finally got out for a real run yesterday. Not a long run, not a hard run - maybe three kilometres, with a few breaks in between - but it was a run. And it felt great.

My ankle feels fine today. Okay, I feel a little guilty - Shawn would probably tell me I shouldn't be running yet - but it was the best feeling in the world. It was harder than when I was running all the time, which bothers me because I think I'm still putting in a lot of cardiovascular exercise, and that means obviously I'm still going to struggle regardless until I can get back to running on a regular basis, but it wasn't as hard as when I first started. And, I do have to consider that I was running into the wind and with a cold. Neither helps.

It was a great way to shake off some of the last couple weeks of work though.

I was supposed to have a training session today, but I think that's been rescheduled, so I'm planning to just go through my new legs workout instead. It should be a good, intense workout. I've also got to start compiling ideas for workouts to do while on the road. I was thinking last night that I might start looking for a skipping rope to go along with my resistance bands. That way I can be the idiot in Digby doing burpees and skipping. Since my ankle seems to have improved, I can always run as well, though I really wish I had a runner's bracelet so that I wasn't relying on myself remembering to take ID.

The plus side to being on the road so much is I get paid a ton for mileage. I'm thinking I might use some of the extra windfall and buy myself something really fun - like a heart rate monitor. I really, really, really, really want a wristwatch heart rate monitor.

I also have to say, I love the Bulk Barn. If you don't have a Bulk Barn, you must find one. It lets you buy all sorts of awesome stuff in bulk, for a lot cheaper an you would pay in a grocery store. For instance, my natural peanut butter costs me, on average, $5 for a 375g bottle in a grocery store - I bought about 500g last night at bulk barn for about $2.50. I can also get small amounts of stuff, so I can try it. This week I'm trying pot barley and whole wheat couscous. And if I want a treat, no one looks at me strange for buying 10 yogurt covered almonds. I got two grocery bags of food, and had a $3 off coupon from the internet, and the total came to a whopping $12. Isn't that awesome? Okay stop looking at me strange, healthy food is freaking expensive, and I like getting it cheap. I also just realized I have no idea how to cook barley or couscous. Hmm...

Should probably start my day now. So much to do, so little time, and oh my goodness, why isn't anyone else in this town hiring? The stress level here is doing nothing for my quest for wellness. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Happy Thursday everyone, and don't forget about the "Now You Hate It, Now You Don't" Exercise Challenge! (Do you love the name? I do!)


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