I fail....

I didn't get my fun facts up yesterday.

But in my defense, I spent a retarded amount of time sitting on the side of the highway after my car decided to overheat, and then spent a retarded amount of money having it towed home. I love vehicles.

Fortunately my Mom let me borrow her car to get my work stuff back to the office and make it to my session with Shawn, and is letting me borrow it again today so I can go into the gym. Planning to hit my core pretty hard today, and try some speed play on the treadmill. Hoping to put in about 2.5 miles, but I've done a lot of running this week, so I'll be happy with anything around the 2 mile mark. Weekends are great because the gym is so quiet, I don't have to feel bad for taking up one of the treadmills for thirty minutes or so.

Yesterday's session with Shawn went really well, especially after my horridly stressful day. Sometimes we just have those days where everything clicks and it isn't only a great workout, it's just fun. That was yesterday. I love those days.

I am also so close to being in the 150s I can freaking well taste it. I know I don't make this blog about tracking my weight (though I did put a fun little training thingy on the side, did you see?) but I am so looking forward to being in the 150s. That will be absolutely amazing.

I've also decided I need some new pics of myself in my gorgeous summer clothes. I went and bought two halter tops this week, and realized I look pretty good in halter tops, so I want to show off a little. I just need someone to take some pics...

Anyhow, must get on the road for my workout - have to run some errands too and don't want to be out all day, especially since it's not my car I have. Plus, Mom needs duck food.

Happy Saturday everyone! I *am* going to post pics from my trip this weekend!


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