If it's Wednesday, then this must be Liverpool....

Yes indeedy, I am halfway through my first week of hell. And surviving so far.

Went to try out the hotel's fitness centre yesterday. It was dismal. I actually could not recognize some of the equipment. There were no benches, no free weights, no mats. I couldn't get the treadmill to work and the elliptical looked decrepit. So I said screw it and went for a run. I used to rive to work at 6:30 in the morning and watch those people out running with more than a little bit of envy. Yesterday, I was one of those people. That was such a great feeling. The hotel clerk very nicely sent me on one of the prettiest 3.5 mile loops I've ever been on, right down by the waterfront. It was wonderful. Hard, but wonderful. It was also my first time doing a real run since hurting my ankle, and it was so reassuring that I got through it without any pain.

Turns out Best Western Liverpool, unlike Rodd Grand Yarmouth, does not have a fitness centre which looks like it was taken from a 1970s high school, so I got in a reasonably good workout this morning. Not as good as what I'd put in at the gym, but okay. I'm a little wary about running everyday, as I don't want to end up injuring my ankle again. I think I am going to try working up to a point where I can start each day with a run, though. It's a good way to start the day.

I don't seem to have a card reader on this laptop, so the stunning photos of Yarmouth I got yesterday when I should have been working will have to wait until I can get a card reader or get back home. There are such nice people in Yarmouth. Too nice, really. I went out to the Cape Forchu Lighthouse in Yarmouth, and after running around on the rocks taking pictures for an hour, I was frozen and stopped into their tearoom for a cup of tea to warm up. Well, they were so hospitable and friendly and accommodating, I ended up taking their offer of a piece of bread pudding too. There goes the *no cheating while travelling* mantra. Oh well. I'll just be good from here on out. And it was such good bread pudding. Really, worth every calorie.

I'm also doing a very good job of shopping. I've gotten a pair of jeans and three new tops. All in a size smaller than normal. I am so happy. I like to shop. I get $37/day for meals and incidentals, and since I generally pack all my food, that's free money. Yay, free money!

Just have to share. I work in Health Awareness. My job is to share health information with a high-risk population. I've been running a series of meetings around the province, and while most are held at hotels, with the hotel catering (coffee & muffins, hence, Cassandra does not partake) last night I was responsible for providing refreshments. I picked up fruit and vegetable trays and juice and water. Seemed good to me. Apparently I was wrong.

When I arrived, my boss informed me I should have gotten Tim Horton's donuts and coffee.


This is a population with a three to five times higher risk of developing type II diabetes than the general population, and you're telling me to go get fat and sugar laden donuts? Oh, great idea.

I rolled my eyes and was very happy with my fruit and vegetable trays.

Well, I have to get packed up soon and moved on to Bridgewater. Two down, two to go.... I keep reminding myself I can do this, and it'll be over soon.


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