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I am back home in not-so-sunny Nova Scotia, attempting to actually get my work week underway and get the monstrous amount of work cleared off my desk while battling a migraine. It's fun. Migraine might be a stress headache. I don't know, but I want alcohol. It might help.

It was a very, very long drive home yesterday. I don't mind long drives, but I don't like them either. I find them tiring. I also find they tend to be hard on my diet, because I want to eat. Actually, the whole weekend was kind of hard on my diet. Given that I'm about to embark on a solid month of travelling, this was an enlightening preview. Fortunately, Shawn has offered to put together a "workout plan" that I can take on the road with me while I'm travelling. And, it is easier to fit exercise into travel when you're not carting along the dogs. So, if you see a random brunette doing burpees in some park in Yarmouth or Digby, please don't point and laugh. It's probably me.

This is a rather short post because a) I have a migraine; b) I don't really have that much to talk about; c) work is really rather nuts; and d) it's another stressful, not-that-great day, and I don't want to be all depressing. Instead, I'll share with you the list of observations I made while driving to Bathurst on Friday. Just for fun, I emailed these to Shawn while writing about something completely different. He may think I'm nuts, but I suspect by now it's more a case of confirming suspicions than engendering new opinions.


1. Two lane highways suck. Really, really suck. They manage to defy the laws of physics and suck and blow all at the same time.

2. Drinking water is good. However, when you have a five-hour drive, you might want to modify the amount of water you are drinking, or your five hour drive gets a lot longer.

3. Gas stations/Tim Hortons/any place with a freaking bathroom are really, really far apart on the way to Bathurst.

4. Re: pts.2&3 - when you need a service station, 40 km feels like 400-freaking-km.

5. And on the above note, if you find yourself in the above situation, drinking more water probably will not help. Just saying.

6. The two most hateful words in the English language: "Construction Ahead." Just start swearing now.

7. Miramichi Bridge should NEVER be one-lane.

8. After five hours in a car, lunges are a pretty good way to work the stiffness out of your legs (and screw you people who were giving me strange looks in the parking lot - when you're not holding McDonald's bags, then you can judge me) Not that I think people who eat McDonalds are "bad" or "stupid" - I just think that since I don't judge their choices, they shouldn't judge mine.

Have a good Monday everyone!


River said...

I get car sick. Almost all the time. So a 5 hour drive for you would be at least a 6 hour drive for me. Need lots of getting out of the car and breathing deep. But that also means I can drink as much water as I want =)

Welcome back.

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