Another day, another week, another year

Yesterday was such a jam-packed day, I just didn't have time to post, and since Saturday is my day off, I really didn't have much to post about. So, you just get more me this morning!! And I get to procrastinate a little in starting my work week.

Yesterday, of course, was my 27th birthday! Yay! Birthdays aren't really a big deal in my family, but I got lots of well wishes on Facebook. We also had a party for my great-grandmother, with whom I share a birthday (part of the reason mine tends to fall by the wayside), which meant lots of running around. My birthday gift to myself? I gave myself one whole day where I didn't count calories. With the party and everything I decided all it would accomplish was to stress me out, and so I just gave myself a pass. A "free" day, so to speak.

I also decided that all I really wanted to do for my birthday was be sure to get to step class (I really needed the calorie burn after that party, anyway, even if I wasn't counting them). I'm glad I did (even if I was fifteen minutes late). It was a fun class.

I forgot to mention on Saturday that Shawn gave me my new program. Wow. He's certainly put a lot of work into it. And he certainly has a lot of confidence in me. Okay, most of the weights exercises I can handle - there are a few which I find a little daunting looking at them, but I know how to scale them back if need be. But he's designed an entire day of plyometrics/core exercises. For those of you not familiar with plyometrics, they are a set of exercises that involve a lot of explosive movements - i.e. jumping, squatting, etc - that are meant to combine strength and cardio training. They're hard. Burpees fall under this category. I still hate burpees, by the way. And they are on this program. Harder ones that involve lifting a bosu as I jump. I can barely get normal ones. Looking at this program makes me want to cry. For some reason, if I was just going through a training session with Shawn, and he was telling me everything to do, it would be less daunting than staring at it all. Because right now I'm just thinking "There's no way I can do this..." and yet since it's on the program, I feel like I'm supposed to be able to work at this level. So, yeah. I don't really know what to do about it. My sense of work ethic won't let me just ignore it, and yet I hate feeling like I'm dreading going to the gym. And I really don't want to seem like a pansy by telling Shawn I don't think I can do this when I haven't even tried. It's a really crappy position to be in.

Anyhow, must get my week actually started. Hope you all had a great weekend. I did discoveran awesome squash and apple dish this weekend - will post the recipe tomorrow!



baygirl32 said...

Happy belated Birthday!

To help put things in perspective, In kindergarten, the hardest thing you had to learn was the alphabet... You will get through your new program, it wouldn't be on there if Shawn didn't think you could do it.

Julie said...

Happy Birthday!!

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