The bright spot of my day...

I have another award!!

My blog truly has been a lifeline for me in all this, and I honestly do get very excited and very happy when someone decides to give me an award, so when I popped over the Baygirl's What's the Story, Morning Glory? to see her newest bit of fun, I was just thrilled to see that a) she had gotten another award (I do love her blog, if you haven't read it yet, read it) and b) she had chosen to pass it on to me!

Like all awards, this one comes with its own rules....
1) Pass the award on to seven deserving bloggers
2) Write seven things about myself that you did not know

Okay, well, tackle those in reverse order, though that first one is hard, because I tell you all a lot, but here goes....

1) When I was three, my father accidentally ran over me with a lawn tractor, and so one of my pinky toes is kind of mangled.
2) As a result of above accident, I have a deathly fear of large machinery.
3) I was trapped in an elevator once. I don't much like elevators now. Or heights. I never did like spiders, but I digress...
4) I hate Ontario. Sorry Ontario, I can't help it. But the eight months I lived there were, on the whole, some of the worst of my life. That's where I got trapped in an elevator, coincidentally.
5) I have a thing about numbers. I can memorize almost any numerical sequence given to me: Air Miles, Club Z, my health card, credit cards, bank cards, phone numbers. When I see a sequence of numbers, I compulsively try to figure out a mathematical equation that would allow each of the individual digits to come to a sum of ten. I don't know why it has to be ten, it just does.
6) I believe in God. Like really believe. Even if I don't walk around wearing my faith on my sleeve, that belief is really important to me.
7) On November 1, 2007, my world shattered around me; one of my closest friends committed suicide. I spent eight months thinking I couldn't survive that. I am who I am today because I did. I never forget that, even if I can't always talk about it.

And, the seven blogs I wish to pass this on to (this is hard, by the way)....

MrsFatass @ Did I Just Eat That Out Loud

Lisa @ Rescuing Lisa

Michaela @ Cupcakes to Carrot Sticks

Whitney@ Slimming Down for the Gown

Ashley @ A Chubby Girl's Journey

Jack @ Jack Sh*t, Getting Fit

Once a Model, Now a Waddle

Now it's very late and I have an assessment in the morning, so I need sleep. And to pack for my trip. Eeek.


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