When you wake up screaming...


Seriously, been there.

I had my second progress exam last night for my chiropractor (I didn't get time to scan the results, so I'll try to get them up next week). I also had one of the worst days at work I've had so far. Suffice it to say, my employer's complete inability to plan anything more complicated than a Tim Hortons' run and my own obsessive-compulsive tendencies don't tend to mesh well. Especially not when it results in me having to spend almost the entire month of June on the road travelling. I *hate* travelling. Well, not traveling really. I hate being by myself for long periods of time. And I hate the lack of control I have on the road. I hate that I won't be able to get to my gym (I am going to check to see where the other Nubodys and Goodlife locations are, and if I'm close, get to one of them).

How do the two link? Well, progress exams are always accompanied by questionnaires regarding how I'm doing and what I think of the whole experience and what I want to improve and if I have any questions and so on. And after yesterday, when I got to the question that was "Is there anything you would like to be able to do better?" all I could think to answer was "Handle stress?" Honestly, I kind of expected Dr. Mike to glaze over it or give me some non-answer. He didn't. He sat down and talked me for a good ten minutes about tools I could use to help me cope with the stress I deal with every day, and ways to help me get through my day. It really helped. It was like, for that ten minutes, actually getting a reminder that someone cared. I don't always get that in my life. And I am going to try some of what he's suggested.

Had a really fun night at the gym. A friend of mine (who, coincidentally enough, I would have said was one of my less-supportive when I started this whole gym thing) has decided she wants to try this whole exercise and healthy living thing as well. Her big leap into it came in the form of another friend offering to teach her fencing (like, swordplay - I know, cool, right?). However, as she's not really in any shape to jump into that, she asked me to show her some exercises she can do to strengthen her legs and build cardiovascular endurance. So, for an hour last night, I got to play trainer. Do remind me to tell Shawn sometime how much I appreciate him, because oh my goodness, that is hard. There is a lot to remember. And you have to stay really, really positive the whole time. And it isn't really a case of having her come "work out with me" because of the vast difference in our skill levels. I didn't want her to feel intimidated because I'm grabbing 20 lb weights to do forward and backward lunges while she's working on just body weight forward lunges. Plus, I couldn't watch her and do my own thing. I did run up and down the stairs with her. Okay, she made it like, six times and I think I went about fifteen rounds trying to make sure I didn't stop before she did, but that was okay. She said she felt really good at the end of it, and if I can encourage her to get active and stay active and enjoy it, that's worth having to stay an extra 45 minutes at the club to put in my own workout. And I must say, that definitely focuses my own workout more than usual.

My week is almost done. I'm taking tomorrow off, so my work week is done today. Heading to Bathurst this weekend, so the updates might be few and far-between. Just have a butt-load of meetings to set today. Oh joy. Time to get at it, I guess. I love calling people about as much as I love travelling.

Happy Thursday everyone!


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