The Friday Phenomenon

Things always seem a little brighter on a Friday, don't you find? Plus, Friday Phenomenon sounds really cool.

The sun is also shining on this Friday, which is helping immensely, even if it is on the cool side.

It would be a nice day for a run. But I'm trying not to think like that.

I am feeling better today. A good friend of mine (from Australia) was around last night to offer some online support, and it helped immensely. That, and I ate some chocolate. Not bad chocolate, actually. Nature Valley makes these lovely dark chocolate trail mix granola bars; at 150 calories each, you have to budget them into your day, but they are almost as good as a real chocolate bar, and contain whole grains and fibre and all that other lovely stuff. And chocolate. Did I mention the chocolate?

Other bloggers get free crap sent to them to review - I just post reviews here on the crap I'm buying all on my own. I think I'm doing this wrong. Just think, big company people - if I'm reviewing the crap I buy on my own this well, imagine how favourable I would feel toward your company if you sent me free crap to begin with? (Disclaimer: Cassandra is brutally, sometimes painfully honest. If your crap is actually crap, you may not want to send it to me. I think I see how I'm doing this wrong now...)

Anyhow, I'm digressing. I do feel better today. It's still playing with my head a little that I can't get out and go for a run, but I'm dealing. It's really funny - there are lots of other choices for cardio at the gym. The bikes bother my knees, but there are the rowing machines (gag), ellipticals, stairmaster, etc. I just find them so boring. Like, I fight for every single minute I'm on them because my brain turns into that five-year-old whining, "Are we done yet? Are we done yet? Are we done yet?" The elliptical is actually a better workout than running, if you consider calorie-burn per minute (at my pace, I burn about 11 cals/minute running, and between 13-16/minute on the elliptical). It's just boring. Even the odd time there are decent TV shows on, it's still boring (though Mythbusters was pretty good last night).

I have a training session tonight - yay! I think it's all core work, since we can't do legs. Shawn also did the whole "I have something I wanted to discuss with you..." on Tuesday, but we were at the end of our session, so he decided he would wait. I hate when people do that. It's like being told you have an appointment with the principal. You're pretty sure you haven't done anything wrong, but you can never be 100%.

Anyhow, this is long now, and short of adding more fun pictures, I think I'll just conclude with my Friday Fun Facts!
  • I know it's been none too good for me the last couple of weeks, but research shows that your overtime could be killing you. Studies indicate that people who worked more overtime were at an increased risk of coronary heart disease, as well as being linked to higher incidences of hypertension, sleep problems, and depression. So, go home. After all, whoever laid on their deathbed saying "I wish I'd spent more time at work."

  • Now I have a new defense for people who raise their eyebrows when I load my sandwiches and salads with my favourite pungent veggie. Turns out those onions reduce my risk of stroke. Onions are loaded with flavonols that relax and dilate blood vessels and buffer against strokes. Definitely worth making me sob like I'm listening to a sappy Josh Groban song.

  • Want to live longer? Then plan for it. New research suggests that having a purpose in life and long-terms goals and plans affects one's longevity. Maybe it's just because if we see ourselves at age eighty, we take care of ourselves at age thirty.
Happy Friday everyone! For all of you who are so fortunate, hope you have a great long weekend!


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