My April Fool's Wish.... Prayers needed

I suck at April Fool's jokes, so I'm afraid I don't have anything cute and clever for you all.

I'm dealing with a bit of a personal tragedy today. In the global world we live in, the internet has closed distances like never before. As a result, there are people on the other side of the country, the continent, and even the world who I consider very dear friends whom I've never actually met in person. Last night I found out that one of those dear friends, a sweet young 18-year-old woman with a tremendous spirit who I've "watched" grow up over the last two years, was in a horrific car crash and is now fighting for her life. I personally have spent the last twelve hours hoping she pops up and virtually yells "April Fools!" so I can give her the reaming of her life... but I know it won't happen.

So I'm asking you all to send your prayers out to dear Kymmy. She needs them. The community to which she belongs, an online community which is closer than any collection of streets and yards, needs them. We need to believe our "baby sister" is going to pull through this.

My own update, though you have to forgive me, as my heart isn't really in this: Though I felt better yesterday, the aftereffects of my illness caught up to me on my workout, and Shawn had to scale things back pretty dramatically. A step cardio workout I can normally do two reps on at sixty seconds each, I got one rep at forty seconds before he called it quits, and I spent the whole workout feeling very fatigued. I did get four minutes on a plank though - even on the stability ball, my personal best was around the two-minute mark - and could have likely gotten a little bit more if I'd been willing to push, but I knew there was more to come. I am so looking forward to shaking this so I can get back to a real workout.


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