I need more notebooks

Notebook 1: Food Diary (I have this)

Notebook 2: Back-up food diary for when I leave my food diary at work over a long weekend. Stupid stupid me.

Notebook 3: Questions to ask Shawn

Notebook 4: Questions to ask Dr. Mike

Notebook 5: Fun Facts for my Blog

Yes, I definitely need more notebooks. My life is best organized via notebooks. I forget things without notebooks. I forget lots of things. Like the one notebook I do actually have.


I'm a little lost without my food diary. I'm going through withdrawal actually.

My last day of "vacation" before I'm back to work tomorrow. Decided to do some grocery shopping, and really punched up the whole healthy eating thing, getting A LOT of fish, chicken, fresh vegetables, etc. Also made my pre-mixed salad (which I love), which did seem to cut down on lunch prep time.

Got in a pretty good workout today - not phenomenal as this cold is still sitting on my chest, but better than I've had. I'm looking forward to my training session with Shawn tomorrow. Hopefully this is the very last of this horrid thing.

Today was my also progress exam for my chiropractic appointments. I was really impressed. Not necessarily with the results, though the surface electromyography looks much, much better, but with Dr. Mike's whole attitude. They had me fill out a survey regarding my experience, and he was very thorough about going through it with me, discussing everything I had written, answering any questions I might have and clarifying any confusion. I was really quite blown away by the whole experience.

And for your viewing pleasure: my sEMG scans! The first was the initial scan, take in early February. The second is the scan done today, after one month of chiropractic care. White is normal nerve activity, blue is the start of a problem, green is mild nerve impairment, red is significant nerve impairment, and black.... is very bad. Fortunately, there is no more black. I'm not sure why a couple of places have worsened; it's on my list of things to ask. They are also a brilliant display of my inability to scan things straight. This is why I hate lines.


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