Have I mentioned how much I love Fridays?

Two whole days before I have to deal with work again (I'm mad at work this week - turns out I won't be getting the benefits I was promised when I was hired).

Two whole days to myself, and they're promising to be nice. And, the warehouse sale at the clothing outlet my sister works at is on this weekend, which means new, cheap workout clothes.

A chance to make real food, not meals prepared in twenty minutes or less.

Maybe even a shot at some window shopping here or there.

I love Fridays.

Of course, I have to get through Friday first. Unlike most Fridays, I don't have a training session tonight, because my usual time was booked, so I'm going to be training on Sunday night instead. Oh well. I don't mind coming in to train on weekends, and it lets me use step class as my cardio workout after. I'm just hoping Shawn *doesn't* opt for a legs workout, or I will be very, very sore.

I decided I felt better enough last night to go back to the gym for a workout - okay, I just wasn't missing two nights in a row - and looking over what I'd done lately, decided it was high time I put myself through a legs workout. But, I'm kind of bored with the same set of machine-based, pyramid set legs exercises Shawn had on my program, and he hasn't finished my new program yet. So, while I was supposed to be working, I sat down, thought of all the exercises that I found really challenging (i.e., the ones that made me call Shawn bad names inside my head - or not inside my head) and then sketched them more or less into a workout. Throw in ten or fifteen minutes worth of core work and twenty-five minutes of cardio and holy crap, was I tired. I finally got a decent night's sleep anyway. I am a little concerned about my knees bothering me through some of the exercises though, but they really aren't bothering me enough to make me stop - just enough to make me notice. And unlike before, the pain doesn't seem to be lasting past the exercise itself. I *could* see a doctor, but I know my doctor - his advice is going to be to stop the activity causing the pain, which is completely counter-productive at this point. I'd rather push through as long as it isn't lingering. I know one or two of my readers have some expertise here, and I'm happy to entertain other opinions though.

Am settling into the new diet - sort of - or at least getting a little more comfortable with it. I am less hungry, though I find I really have to watch myself from emotional or impulse eating. It's a little easier when new people keep seeing me and commenting on how good I look - gives me the confidence to believe in what I'm doing and not think that I'm going to fail miserably. And I love being able to eat a real, hearty breakfast - not that I didn't love my fruit smoothies, but peanut butter and banana on toast... mmmm.

And on that note, must adjourn for FUN FACTS FRIDAY

Our first fun fact of the week is about one of my very favourite breakfast food. For those of you struggling with high blood pressure, try adding oatmeal to your daily diet. Studies have shown that this powerful grain can lower blood pressure, help control blood sugar, and lower choesterol. High in fibre and protein, it'll also leave you feeling full until your morning snack. And it's very yummy!

You all know my job is stressful, and I know many of you lead stressful lives. Next time it gets to be too much, take five minutes and give yourself a mini-foot massage. A quick foot massage can have almost the same stress-reducing benefits as a full-body rubdown!

I know I'm reluctant to see a doctor, but a new study shows that, on average, most Canadian women will wait longer to see a specialist for medical problems than men. While researchers haven't shed a lot of light on why, it does have serious implications for women's health in Canada.

And that's that. Have a happy weekend everyone!


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