My Confession...

I have to confess....

I was bad last night.

I broke one of my "rules."

I went for a run.

It partly amazes me that I'm coming here and that is what I have to confess. For whatever reason, or for any number of reasons, last night wasn't a good night. I got home, and my mind was reeling. I felt like I was coiled too tight, and my brain was just on hyper-drive. Of course, Wednesday is my day off from training. I can go for a walk, or do yoga, but I'm not supposed to train.

I tried everything to chill out. I tried working with Xavier, but I was short-tempered and irritable. Scratch that. Not taking my mood out on the dog. I tried yoga, but I couldn't focus. I tried reading, but I couldn't sit still. My brain was screaming at me, and getting ready to launch into full-scale rebellion mode, where it decides if I won't do something about the level of mental unrest I'm experiencing, then it's going to start causing me physical unrest - by convincing me I need to eat.

Finally I gave up. My mental wiredness was manifesting into just pent-up energy, and I needed to get rid of it. I changed into track pants and a tank and cover, strapped on my new running belt, and laced up my sneakers.

"Just a short run," I promised. "Not gonna push it, just enough to take the edge off. Five minutes or so. Then I'll walk."

Three kilometres (give or take) and twenty minutes later... yeah. Well, it took the edge off. Shawn and I were talking Sunday night about how much more mentally focused we are after a good workout, and I was certainly calmer at least. And lost the "OMG, going to eat the refrigerator" impulse. Overall, just much happier. But, last night was supposed to be my night off. Lesser of two evils, perhaps? I've just decided not to do any cardio tonight, and hope that balances it out.

Not sure it was the best way to deal with this, but it beat a hot fudge sundae.

In other news, Dr. Mike & Well Within Chiropractic sent me my first birthday card! It gave me warm, fuzzy feelings (no, it doesn't take much). Also dulled the sting of my nephew bursting into tears when I told him I was turning 27 (he's 4 okay - I guess to him, that is absolutely ancient). I know I'm finding it a bit traumatic - maybe he was just trying to sympathize? Certainly made for a light few minutes.

That's that for today. Must get started on my actual day. Happy Thursday - one more day till Friday! Cheers everyone!!


River said...

3 kilometers!! You're crazy! In the best possible way! Great job and I hope you'll keep confessing for a very loooong time :)

Julie said...

Wow! You are absolutely right better a run than ice cream!! Way to go!!

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