Running the numbers...

The great thing about pictures is sometimes they can be relevant... and sometimes I just want to add one because I like it. Like this one. It makes me smile.

My motivation isn't a bear chasing me, it's a small, evil white contraption which bears witness to every one of my falters and missteps. It scolds me for the days when I say screw it and have that chocolate bar. Its judgmental glare makes me walk away from that plate of cookies. And even when I've been incredibly good and diligent, it still only metes out praise in the smallest, stingiest doses.

Okay, so I have a little animosity towards my scale. I'm not good at the whole weight thing.

However, it was a whole different story this morning when I stepped on my scale, and it announced for me, in its emotionless flat readout, that I had finally hit the ten-pound mark!

I've restarted my weight measurements, beginning with my fitness assessment with Shawn, rather than going from the beginning of my weight loss attempts. This seemed reasonable, since I was so drastically changing - well, everything. As you all know, the last week has been... bad. I've been threatening to drop-kick that evil little white something-or-other. But this morning, I got there. I have finally lost ten pounds, which means I have just over fifteen pounds to go! I know it's not supposed to be about the numbers on the scale (which Shawn will no doubt remind me of, even as he congratulates me, when I tell him this), but it was such a great feeling. Perfect way to start my Friday.

I'm still actually glowing a little over last night as well. I decided, for one of the first times since Shawn took me out on our 7k run, to try running again on my own. My knee has been bothering me, so I've been sticking to the elliptical (or the horrid rowing machine that Shawn made me do for twenty minutes on Tuesday night - "Oh, you don't like rowing? That's because it works." Imagine an obscene gesture and insert it here, k?) Anyhow, I thought I would, with all my newfound tips and tricks on how to run, try just jumping on the treadmill and running for as long as I could without stopping - just to see how long I could do. After all, I ran for an hour (not straight - I took breaks) with Shawn.

I actually find it harder to run on the treadmill. My stride seems less natural, and I'm guesstimating at the right speed. But, I like having something to actually time how long I'm running.

I made it nine whole minutes on my first stint before my body finally cried "uncle!"

And even then, it wasn't a complete surrender. Two minutes to recover, I decided to try the last nine at a run as well. About a minute and a half in, though, I developed horrid shin splints, and needed an extra minute to walk them out, then tried again, and got another six-and-a-half minutes! I am so happy! It seems like ages ago that I used to push to get my one minute intervals on the treadmill. I might actually become a runner yet.

Another training session tonight - yay! - and a dog show this weekend. Schedule looks a little funky, which means I may not be back in time for step on Sunday. That is the bad thing about dog show season. I'll have a few weekends like that. But, there's always a class on Wednesday night I can catch just in case.

And my food cravings are finally, really starting to back of. I think my diet might have been a little lacking in fibre, because when I looked at the foods I was craving (bread, oatmeal, rice, my All-Bran bars), they're all quite high in fibre. So, I added some in to each of my snacks - we'll see how it goes.

This has become a really long post, but I do want to give my FRIDAY FUN FACTS

  • Want a way to burn calories without trying? Brew a cup of tea. Research has suggested that a few cups of tea could help you burn up to an additional 80 calories daily!

  • Green, leafy goodness! Everyone knows I'm a huge fan of spinach for its nutritional value, but turns out, it might also help safeguard your liver. So next time your salad calls for lettuce, replace it with some spinach instead!

  • B-healthy! A diet high in B-vitamin folate and B-6 might help reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke. Fish, liver, meats, whole grains and fortified cereals are sources of vitamin B-6, while vegetables and fruits, whole or enriched grains, fortified cereals, beans and legumes are sources of folate.
Everyone have a happy Friday and a great weekend!


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