My real update

OK, so that last one was just for fun... I guess I need a real update, albeit a brief one, since my daily allotted slacking off time really doesn't allow for *two* posts. And my photo today has nothing to do with my post. I was just going through my Photobucket and remembered how much I loved it. This is my Sheltie, Austin. And this was the prototype of a jump I designed and built for our agility team. I filled the bottom in with more flowers so it looks better now.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my trainer? I really do. Again, I didn't undertake any extensive screening process to find Shawn. Literally, he was the trainer who had a time open when I went to book my health assessment. So, it really was a luck of the draw thing. And I've now heard enough horror stories about people with trainers who didn't listen to them, or who pushed them too hard, or who just didn't know what they were doing, to really appreciate how lucky I am. Not only is he knowledgeable, he's supportive. He's enthusiastic about every one of my successes, and reminds me not to be so hard on myself when I falter. I think, overall, he's been very good for me.

Last night we did a really challenging legs workout, apparently, Shawn claimed, because my legs have been getting a lot stronger and I've been improving even faster than he had anticipated. Wow. Challenging was right. We spent a lot of time doing one-legged exercises that didn't just challenge my strength, but my balance and coordination, and my ability not to get frustrated at myself. It was good though. Really interesting and a lot of fun. We were also working in the personal training studio, rather than the gym at large, which was great - it was quiet, and private, and it was so much easier to focus and work. And, there were mirrors everywhere, which made it easier to keep watching my form. We also seemed to get a lot more accomplished and still have a chance to just talk - I'm not there to chat with Shawn, but at the same time, he's really the only one I can talk to about this whole fitness thing, about the challenges, the highs and the lows, and so sometimes having the time to just talk about the high from running or the mental fight to try to convince myself I can do something is really helpful.

I have a chiropractic appointment tonight, and for the first time in a week, don't feel like I'm wound tighter than a coiled spring. I think Dr. Mike will be pleased. Then off to the gym - must decide what I'm actually doing tonight - definitely something upper body!

Happy Monday everyone!


River said...

It sounds like you have feelings for your trainer LOL I think it's excellent you like and trust him so much!

Cassandra said...

LOL - it's a very platonic sort of love, trust me

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