Busy, busy, busy me....

Dog show weekends are a little hectic.

Trying to plan them around everything else I do make them really hectic.

On the upside, I made it to step class last night!

I also slept really, really well.

This is where I would normally start derailing. I don't multitask terribly well (despite my apparent ability to work and blog), and so when my life starts getting hectic, things that seem less important at the time (like eating) start to slide. Dog show weekend are usually an example of the worst eating habits one could ever have. Living on coffee, running on little sleep, long hours in a car then standing on concrete all day, eating crappy, deep-fried dog show fare, if you stop to eat at all, or relying on the nearest fast-food joint - it's not good. And yet, this year, I've been resolved not to let that happen. I pack snacks and lunches, take bottles of water (and try to remember to actually drink them), get enough rest, take breaks from grooming, whatever I can think of.

So far, so good. Not perfect, but better. Okay, my ring call yesterday meant I was in the car during my lunch, so lunch was a collection of foods that could be eaten with my fingers from Tupperware dishes, but it contained protein, a whole grain, and complex carbohydrates (and lots of vegetables). I tried to remember to drink my water, but I know my consumption was down a lot from a normal day. Funny, on Saturday, when I had a 9 am ring call, I know I wasn't drinking my usual amount of water (as I was grooming and practicing, etc. and forgot), by the time I got back to my car, I was thirsty. I drank an entire bottle of water in less than half an hour. I guess my body is getting used to this water thing.

Still working on the new diet thing. It's.... tough. Admittedly, with the larger breakfast, I'm not hungry as much, though I'm thinking about what I'm eating more, which makes me want to eat. But I'm not actually hungry. It's still the mental aspect - I feel a little like a failure when I tally up my calories and I'm over 1500 for a day. And I'm worried that I won't lose weight. It's stupid, I know. The sheer amount I work out means the weight will come off, because my body is using the calories I'm taking in, but I still get anxious. That peanut butter and banana on toast I'm allowed to have for breakfast does help alleviate some of that anxiety though. I love peanut butter and banana on toast.

Having the remainder of my wisdom teeth out tomorrow, and unfortunately, no one at work has gotten back to me on the whole health insurance thing, which is a bit of a PITA. It also means I'm rearranging my schedule to meet with Shawn first thing in the morning rather than in the afternoon - this should be interesting! I'm not sure how much of a morning person I really am. I guess we're about to find out. At least I should be too tired to be a basket case by the time I get to the dentist though!


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